What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section -Complete Lists For MOM-DAD-BABY

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section 3 Complete Lists For MOM ,DAD, Baby

Congratulations to you for your pregnancy! Have you already booked a scheduled caesarian with your healthcare provider? If so, your doctor must have provided you the date on which your cesarean is going to take place.

If this is your first time, you must be worried about what to take and what not to take along with you. You will have to stay in the hospital for a longer duration of time as compared to normal delivery Therefore the things you need during normal delivery are different from things you will need during caesarian.

Is it stressful? Don’t Panic about it, we have brought a list of all the necessary things you need to take with you.

The article What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section is composed of three sections.

Hospital bag checklist for mom, dad and baby

  • The first section is going to be about the things you require before the caesarian.
  • As your partner will be accompanying you during the stay at the hospital so we have also composed a list of things that will need.
  • The third section is based in the requirements of your baby.

Be mindful while packing the bag and include everything that is present in the list below. Once you have packed the bag do a crosscheck to ensure that you haven’t missed anything. Happy pregnancy!

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What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section -Things you need for yourself

Here is a detailed list of everything that you need to pack in your bag before leaving your house for the hospital.


  • All the documents that you will need in the hospital such as your ID, driving license, insurance Card etc.


  • Your medical reports and records. Don’t forget to keep a signed copy of caesarian birth plan with you


  • Your wallet in which you should be carrying sufficient cash


  • A set of loose pajamas and shirts. Keep in mind that you have to make yourself comfortable so, while choosing the clothes; pack soft, light and loose ones with you.


  • Replacement of undergarments. Be mindful about the waistband. The waist of undergarments must not be too tight to hurt the incision area.


  • Shocks and comfortable footwear


  • personal blanket for yourself. Although hospital beds are equipped with blankets but you may not find them comfortable for yourself.


  • If you are a person who cannot sleep on every pillow than you must take your personal pillow along with you


  • You must also carry all the necessary toiletries. The toiletries include toothbrush, a comb, a towel for shower at the hospital, body wash, a deodorant, a good lotion for


  • Your body, shampoo and some basic makeup to feel yourself cheered even when you are at the hospital.


  • You must also have your Cellphone, charger, headphones and a good internet connection.


  • Special food and drinks


  • Nursing Bras and nursing pads.


  • If you are expecting people to visit you at the hospital, you must take nursing cover along with you; the nursing cover will help you feed your baby in front of others.


  • You might need to wear sanitary pad after the C-section therefore you must consult your doctor about it before going to the hospital.


  • You should also have things to keep yourself busy during your stay at the hospital. A good novel or a magazine can be a good companion to kill the time.


What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section-Things your partner needs

You partner will be accompanying you throughout your time in the hospital therefore you must pack his bag wisely.

Here is a list of entire essentials that your partner will need

  • His wallet and identification documents


  • His Phone, charger and headphones


  •  Toothbrush and toothpaste


  • A comfortable pair of clothes and footwear along with socks.


  • Your partner will be spending his nights in the waiting area therefore you need to carry an extra blanket for him.


  • He will also need a pillow to have a comfortable sleep


  • Make sure that your husband carried the keys of your home and car.

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What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section-Things you need for your baby

Some of the hospitals provide the clothes for the new born babies while others recommend not putting clothes on the new born. Nonetheless here are some of the important things you must carry in your bag

  • Special clothes and blanked for your baby.


  • Receiving blanket


  • A baby cap will be handy for your baby to feel comfortable and adjust to the external environment


  • Baby nail clippers


  • Baby mittens


  • Infant diapers and bibs


  • You must carry snowsuits and jackets for your baby especially if it is winter season.


  • Feeding bottle


  • You must fit an infant seat in your car before going to the hospital.

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For C Section- Printable List


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