8 Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

8 Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

After a positive pregnancy test, we know you are excited as hell. This is maybe week six of your pregnancy when you have confirmed the news. Thinking about this journey to come is exciting. How this will proceed? What you must avoid? What to eat? How your baby will look like? And How his little fingers and hands will grow are all the mixed thoughts that may flood your mind.
A hundred questions and thousands of confusion will arise and you will try to find answers to all of them.
But let us tell you how your baby will grow week by week. It is exciting to keep a record of every minimal detail of your little angel and witnessing this journey week by week, is a whole new exciting experience.
Will provide you assistance in this journey and will try to answer your every possible confusion.

Week eight 

Week eight pregnancy means that it has been two weeks since you have missed your first period. This is your first trimester and you have 32 more weeks to go. In this week,  you will visit your doctor and will get your ultrasound done.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

This is almost the start of your pregnancy and your body is undergoing many changes.
Your uterus will start to grow and form the size of a fist, now it is the size of a grapefruit.
Uterus is expanding to make room for your baby.
You may feel period-like cramps. This is usually normal.
Moreover,  your hormones are flooding and the HCG level is increasing. You may feel dizzy or light-headed. Some women will experience nausea and need to lie down. Try to sit, relax and take proper rest.
You will also gain weight. It is normal to gain up to 4 pounds in the first trimester.
But of course, every woman has a different experience so some women even lose weight due to nausea and vomiting. Your doctor will check and recommend supplements in any case.

Measuring The Size Of The Fetus

Your baby in the eighth week

Your baby is an inch long and has all the human parts and organs. Till week 12, your umbilical cord will grow to provide feed to your baby. You can say that first brick for every organ is now in place and sooner they will grow to form proper organs
Baby bones will start to develop. Your baby has tiny wrists and hands and even the pigment in eyes which will decide eye color, later on, is there.
Your baby almost looks likes a tadpole and the body is beginning to get straight. Paddle like hands and feet will soon grow into proper hands and feet with fingers.
Even the first brick for gender is there. Your baby will grow testis or ovaries is already decided. Although you cant confirm the gender of your baby before 18 weeks but it is
decided now.

What should you do when you are eight-week pregnant? 

Eat healthy

Your diet gets remarkably affected. Some women crave to eat more and more while others may lose their appetite due to nausea and vomiting.
Maintaining a healthy diet is important as you need proper nutrition for you and your baby. Irregular cravings may impel you to eat more junk and less nutritious food.
Keep yourself hydrated and drink about eight to twelve glasses of water in a day. Also, take prenatal vitamins recommended by a doctor. Eat healthy snacks. Although satisfying your cravings is also justified in pregnancy but you can make healthy and yummy snacks to keep balance between your health and your cravings.
You only need 300 more calories so by eating junk you will just pile up calories to gain more weight. Keep in mind that a single cake slice is up to 500 calories and eating unhealthy can trigger weight gain along with other problems like pregnancy diabetes or blood pressure.

Rest properly

Pregnancy brings dizziness, lousy feeling, and tiredness. Take proper rest for the sake of your health. Proper sleep and care will keep you fresh. Pamper yourself to get ready for this journey that will get tough as time will pass.

Visit your doctor 

Most probably,  you have checked your pregnancy at home. Now it is officially the time to see your doctor. Your doctor will provide you complete guidance for pregnancy.
At your first visit, the doctor will start keeping a record of your medical situation along with your medical history.
Your doctor will also determine your due date according to your last missed period date and will keep a check on your blood pressure,  height, weight, etc.
If your family has a history of any illness or disease,  your doctor will also keep a check on that and you may undergo several tests according to the medical history of your family.

8 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

This is not a necessary part but usually, doctors recommend this ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy and to check if it has started right. Pregnancy outside your uterus can be life-threatening so in the first ultrasound doctor will check if your baby is properly attached to your uterus at the right place. Sometimes baby attaches itself too low also. The doctor will also check for that.
The first ultrasound also helps in determining your due date according to the size of your fetus.

Tips for partners

Your pregnancy is now official so you need to sit down with your partner and plan for this journey ahead. Sometimes your doctor recommended you to avoid intercourse for some time. Usually, it doesn’t happen but if the doctor says so, follow his advice.
If your family has a genetic history of some illness,  you can talk to your partner about tests.
Make your to-do list. Start keeping a record of your bump progression now, if you want to keep it. Stay happy and relaxed and enjoy every bit of it.
A little pampering from your partner also brings ease and comfort during pregnancy. Don’t miss that.

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