Prednisone And Pregnancy – How Prednisone Affects Pregnancy All You Need To Know

Prednisone And Pregnancy – How Prednisone Affects Pregnancy All You Need To Know

Prednisone is a drug used to treat allergic conditions and to treat leukemia.Pregnant women who get inflammatory bowel disease are usually given these medicines

But how Prednisone will affect the baby? is a major question that arises in one’s mind. Women do get worried if taking Prednisone is harmful for their pregnancy or not?

Managing IBD During Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs medicine in many cases,  like if she has chronic conditions or facing health problems. If the doctor is suggesting prednisone than definitely the risks of taking medicine itself are less than not taking medicine at all.
Women who have inflammatory bowel disease,  need to control their condition before getting pregnant but if it is an unplanned pregnancy,  there are many options available for medicine and controlled IBD ensures a safe and healthy pregnancy.

How Prednisone Affects babies?

Women who take prednisone develop a risk of premature delivery, low birth weight or cleft lip but the risks are comparatively small as compared to not taking medicine.

Oral clefts

Women who take Prednisone have a very small risk of giving birth to a child with a cleft lip. This usually happens when a woman takes prednisone in the first trimester of pregnancy. However,  no one knows that the condition is a result of medicine itself or due to chronic conditions that the mother has.

Premature delivery

In rare cases, women who take Prednisone develop a risk of premature delivery. Different studies show that women with IBD who took the medicines have delivered their babies early. But there are other studies who showed different results. So there is no final facts or figures that can completely support or negate the study.

Low Birth Weight

Many studies don’t support that taking prednisone is associated with low birth weight but in some cases, it is possible to deliver a baby with low birth weight while taking the medicine.

Can You Take Prednisone While pregnant?

There are some studies that show that women are exposed to certain risks while taking Prednisone but at the same time,  there are other studies,  that show no link between pregnancy and Prednisone.
So as long as a doctor is recommending Prednisone during the pregnancy, it is safe for women to take it but one should never ever try to take any medicine without consulting with a doctor, even if you were taking that medicine before pregnancy.  
If a woman was taking Prednisone before pregnancy,  then she should talk to her doctor as stopping Prednisone is dangerous.  The decision to stop taking medications must be made in the light of doctors advice.

Prednisone And Pregnancy First Trimester

Taking Prednisone in the first week of pregnancy is a decision made by doctors. Although there are some studies that show a link between taking Prednisone in first trimester and babies born with cleft lip or having low birth weight but not a very impressive number of findings are there to support this.
So as per doctor advice,  a woman can take Prednisone in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Prednisone And Pregnancy Third Trimester

Prednisone is recommended in the third trimester only if they are needed. Remember that this medicine is recommended for the condition that itself has risks of low birth weight or premature delivery. So taking prednisone is not the only reason for premature delivery. It can be a result of woman’s condition itself.
If a doctor has recommended the medicine than definitely, the risks associated are less than not taking medicines at all. In some cases,  taking the medicines actually provide relief to pregnant woman.

Prednisone And Pregnancy Symptoms

Prednisone does not cause pregnancy symptoms. If a woman is pregnant and the father was taking prednisone then the child is unlikely to receive any risk associated with the medicine.

5mg Prednisone During Pregnancy

It is safe to take up to 20mg of medicine even during the pregnancy but higher doses are recommended for women with severe disease only.
The dose is administered from the start of pregnancy and one should strictly follow a doctor’s advice.
Is it safe to take prednisone during pregnancy
Although different studies say that prednisone is linked to cleft lip or premature delivery but there is no impressive study available to support the fact.
A woman can take prednisone on doctors recommendations during pregnancy and the dose must be administered throughout the pregnancy.

Do Prednisone During Pregnancy Prevents Miscarriage?

Prednisone is a steroid that is given to reduce inflammation and allergic reactions. In some cases,  prednisone can actually help a woman in preventing miscarriage.
A woman with recurrent miscarriages have high levels of UNK cells that kill cells in uterine natural lining. These cells have steroid receptors on their surface. Studies have shown that women who took 20mg of prednisone for 21 days from the start of their menstrual cycle show a significant drop in elevated levels of uNK after the treatment.

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Prednisone Help You Get Pregnant? 

There are many medicines that affect women’s egg formation and regular cycle. It is better to take Prednisone after ovulation to make chances of pregnancy better.

Prednisone For Asthma During Pregnancy

Many women who have asthma actually feel better when pregnant but, if there is no improvement in condition, she may need to take steroids like Prednisone during pregnancy.Although taking medication is not encouraged but it is better for women and babies if asthma is in check. Asthma attacks can reduce oxygen supply to the baby and can cause complications like low birth weight,  placental problems or Preeclampsia.
In pregnancy,  a woman needs to control the asthma triggers like pet or dust allergens or smoke. A woman must consider taking a flu shot as flu also elevates asthma symptoms.
Asthma can easily be treated during pregnancy or when a woman is in labor.


Taking Prednisone is safe in pregnancy first and third trimester only if it is recommended by doctors. It doesn’t  “help” you in getting pregnant but some studies show that it reduces the risks of miscarriage. 

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