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How Hard Is It To Get Pregnant All You Need To Know

How Hard Is It To Get Pregnant All You Need To Know

Getting pregnant is often considered the most natural thing in the world, but it actually takes perfect timing and can be very complex. When you have intercourse, your body releases a ripened egg. This egg can be fertilized by sperm for nine months and lead to pregnancy if everything goes well. The problem is that so much has to go right!

First, you have to have regular menstrual cycles at the same time every month, which means not having any hormonal imbalances or serious health problems like cancer. If you do, the hormones in your reproductive system may not be working correctly and could make it hard to get pregnant.

Second, sperm must be healthy when it meets the egg – if there is any kind of problem with it (like low count or poor motility) no pregnancy will happen. Women are born with a limited supply of eggs, so fertility starts to decline in your 30s. That means that it becomes harder to get pregnant without help after age 35.

Third, if you are having sex during “fertile days” (usually around the 12th day of your cycle) the sperm must be able to travel up through your cervix and uterus to the fallopian tube where they will meet the ovum. If your cervical mucus is too thick this can make it more difficult.

The best way to get pregnant varies a lot, and it depends on several factors:

  • How old you are (fertility decreases with age)
  • Whether or not you have had children before (fertility decreases after having a child)
  • Whether or not you smoke (smoking decreases the chance of pregnant)
  • Your weight (overweight women are less likely to get pregnant than normal weight women. This is because obesity results in insulin resistance and higher levels of testosterone which interfere with ovulation.)

There is no general consensus as to what the best method is, but chances are you have heard at least one of these methods before:

  • Having Sex near the ovulation day in your ovulation cycle (this can be determined by tracking your period and basal body temperature)
  • Using an ovulatory predictor kit to help determine when you are ovulating
  • Using PreSeed, which is a lubricant designed to mimic the body’s natural fluids; this helps sperm reach the uterus and fallopian tubes.
  • Timing intercourse around when you think your most fertile (the 12th day of your cycle)

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I Want to Get Pregnant and Have a Baby

I want to have a baby – why some women have trouble getting pregnant

When women say “I want to have children”, they usually experience difficulty in conceiving which is not uncommon. There are many reasons why getting pregnant is elusive for some women and there’s really no need to fret about it. Understanding how the reproductive process works is the key to a successful pregnancy.

I want a child– is not a magic phrase that when uttered instantly gives women the child they crave. Some women find themselves unable to conceive despite trying for a number of reasons. These are the following:

  • Infertility either or both in men or women. When this occurs, pregnancy is quite impossible to achieve. Reproduction requires two things – a fertile sperm and a fertile egg. When either one is removed from the equation, the results will always be zero. Infertility has several causes and for the most part treatable.
  • Mental and emotional preparedness. A lot of women are afraid to get pregnant because they feel they are unready to take on the responsibilities of becoming a mother. Hence, they take contraceptives to avoid getting pregnant.
  • Health issues. There are diseases that adversely affect the reproductive system of both male and female. It’s important to know the history of one’s partner so medical help can be appropriately sought to remedy the problem.
  • Bad lifestyle habits. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and staying up late everyday can effectively deteriorate any woman or man’s capacity to procreate. When couples visit the doctor for consultation, this is what physicians commonly ask about first.

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Want to get pregnant – alternative means to conceive

Seeking medical help is often enough to help couples address the problem of getting pregnant. However, there are some cases that even doctors can’t do anything and any medical solution proves futile. It’s why many couples look for alternative means to conceive.

Getting pregnant is a problem thoroughly analyzed in the book Pregnancy Miracle. It’s based on ancient methodology of getting pregnant naturally which has been proven to be effective for centuries. Many couples who’ve read the title can attest to fully understanding the concept of pregnancy and how to do it safely and effectively.

When Can You Get Pregnant


Considering your health, your partner must also consider and observe the health of body, as they say “it takes two to tango”, vices like alcohol also compromise the health of the sperm and its amount. Always bear in mind that the cleanliness of the body decides and tells you the right time for you get pregnant. It may sound acting like a child between two couple but it is one way to bear a healthy and beautiful child.

In addition, do not take drugs with chemicals that are harsh to the body, instead use the natural way of fertility method to boost the cells that are working hard inside your system. It’s a simple sense that whatever we eat healthy, expect that you are ready enough for pregnancy and when the time comes to get pregnant, always maintain healthy living and exercise methods like yoga; it regulates and eases the body to avoid stress that contributes to the healthy carrying of the baby.

When you are most likely to get pregnant by practicing right positions while having intercourse, do not wonder, since one factor that contributes to the success of the pregnancy is the sex positions; avoid positions that can leak out the sperm inside the vagina. Do not stay upright or use the missionary position, it can make the sperm gets out, instead relax, lie down and make the sperm stay inside the vagina. Considering sexual positions play a significant role on planning for pregnancy. Isn’t it amazing that position affects your chances of getting pregnant?

To assume that you and your partner are stable in terms of money, body health, plus information about fertility, you’re almost ready for a pregnancy’s first step. Be in the know, physicians always know what is best for you before anything else.

The physician might give you precautionary procedures, additional steps and must-do-things so you’ll get pregnant. It might take another series of time-consuming of waiting. But if there’s a will there’s way, the time you spent for miracle finding could be worth waiting for. The entire obstacle can be rewarded with a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Planner: How to Prepare for Pregnancy

Planning pregnancy – factors that affect the ability of couples to procreate

There are many reasons why couples don’t conceive right away. First, there’s the issue of readiness to become parents. While having children is a wonderful experience, it’s a challenging responsibility. It requires emotional, mental, and financial stability to raise a family. When couples feel they’re unable to provide these things, any planner is useless.

On the other hand, there are more serious concerns that cause delays in pregnancy. And usually these are what affect couples who can’t conceive right away. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Infertility. This condition can affect either men or women. There are a number of reasons why it occurs and if they are addressed properly, pregnancy is much easier to achieve. For women, it’s important to determine the status of their reproductive system. The female adult body undergoes different processes that ensure proper ovulation and if one or two of them are hindered, there’s a strong likelihood for infertility. The same goes for men – production of healthy sperms determine fertility.
  • Diseases or injury to reproductive organs can render procreation difficult or at times impossible. It’s why it’s always recommended to seek medical help when planning a pregnancy.
  • Bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol too much, and an unhealthy diet often cause the deterioration of fertility of any individual.

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Pregnancy planner – ways to get pregnant

When couples feel they are ready to take on the responsibilities of parenthood, here are tips on the various ways to achieve pregnancy:

  • Everything begins with having a healthy body that is fit for pregnancy both for men and women alike.
  • Know the most fertile period for women and have intercourse during these days to ensure that the egg gets fertilized. While most females know their menstrual cycle, it also helps to consult doctors to make a pregnancy calendar.
  • Learn the best intercourse positions to effectively deposit male sperm in the cervix area. While it may sound weird to plan for such an intimate event, it definitely helps couples achieve pregnancy.
  • If natural methods are not possible, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are two options most couples having trouble getting pregnant undergo. It might not sound enticing but sometimes it’s the only possible way to enter parenthood.

How to Get Pregnant Quickly and Faster

when-to-visit-doctor-to-confirm-pregnancy-first-timeIf you want to get pregnant now, then, it is much better to practice discipline through having a healthy lifestyle and by using fertility treatments. Natural treatments will increase your chances because it makes the body perform its functions better; that is the best way on how to get pregnant faster. Only natural alternatives to getting pregnant will bring about positive effects for the body.

It’s not easy getting pregnant, that’s why couples plan out ahead of time. As for the preparation in dealing with nature; Always monitor your own activity with the food you eat and the way of how you manage stress in different scenarios because stress also hinders pregnancy.

It’s still best to practice the doctors’ prescriptions about your problems in infertility and on how to get pregnant. One of the prescriptions may be the fertility charting, it is natural but you can’t always depend on it alone because our body is unpredictable especially when you have irregular menstrual cycle. It’s a fact that you cannot predict the cycle of the ovulation every month but it’s best to predict ovulation signs with the use of ovulation prediction kit.

You do not want to waste time, and even the opportunity on getting pregnant in the first place, don’t you? Since ovulation is unpredictable, do not wait at the ovulation to occur, instead, practice having intercourse 2-3 days before ovulation since the sperm lives up to 3-5 days, compared to the egg cell it only has 24 hours to live. When there is no luck in the first attempt, you will wait for another month.

The techniques mentioned previously are just some of many ways on how to get pregnant; still you can get many different ways from experts like doctors and for those who successfully delivered a baby.

Just always remember that discipline comes within us and the willingness for a having a baby will make the situations a lot easier even if pregnancy preparation is a twisted road. Furthermore, getting pregnant is not actually “fast” the way it is being described; it requires patience and determination for couples. You must not pressure yourselves, too, since stress can also affect fertility in both parties. Enjoy as much as possible and when it doesn’t happen, there is always a next time.

To sum all the things to consider on how to get pregnant

  • Couples must anticipate the probable future problems that might occur
  • Couples must practice their selves to stabilized their emotions
  • Avoid illicit drugs as possible
  • Avoid focusing on pressures
  • The do’s and don’ts must be followed in terms of;
    • Food
    • Routine
    • Stress management

Conception Tips

You might be wondering what to do in the state of conception right? No doubt! Couples usually seem so skeptical when it comes to this. In fact, most of the couples today are trying to look for tips and tries to practice several methods for pregnancy. Below are the conception tips that couple usually do.

  • Living the healthy life.

Knowing that there are different factors that block the way for pregnancy planning, for those couples who chose to live the life clean and healthy, they are more likely to survive the most common problem in planning for pregnancy. They are confident enough that their health, especially their hormones are stable and doesn’t seem to conflict with the process.

  • Fertile? Infertile?

Always have time for your body, listen and always give the best thing to manage the needs of your body. Create a proper timing to get your best shot, always let it in into your mind and talk with your partner if he thinks he’s ready. This may be an advantage for those women who has the regular cycle. For a woman who has the irregular menstrual cycle, it’s better to consult a doctor and ask about the tips you must linger on to have a successful pregnancy.

  • Avoid: anxiety, stress… yes to: relieve, relax

Our body is not that dynamic that it could do everything without rest and relaxation. Remember that our body is connected to our minds, whenever our body is tired then our mind feels the same feeling or vice-versa. Always keep it in balance, manage your problems in your environment, and don’t let them eat you. Once your mind is so consumed, your body reacts and tends to act tired too. Thus always give yourself a time for solemnity.

  • If it’s not you, then who?

Men also suffer from infertility; in fact, mature men are trying some tips too, afraid that they may not bear a child someday. In a simple way that a man can contributes is to wear something that is not tight, not even the loose underwear. Extreme hotness can cause the sperms’ performance to weaken.

  • Boost you up

As a part of healthy living, there are some experts that suggest us the right food to take to boost our hormones and even the stability of our body. Aside from recommended food, vitamins/supplements are a must to back-up the lacking nutrients needed for pregnancy.

Today, as a part of giving the people the tips to get pregnant, some vitamins are just unnecessary for us, so be vigilant and be careful of buying those supplements. Take notes of the terms that the doctor gave to you, once you started following his advice, make it accurate on what step to take the next time.

In this generation, we are influenced by different factors from the external that alters our desired actions which could lead to undesirable result and could compromise the health of our emotion and body. In addition, other than environmental factors, even our choices are stretched into a wide variety of aisles which makes us unable to decide on what to do, confusing, right? In your journey to getting pregnant, make use of the resources, always use educational devices that can help you in your research, and always make a starting point for you to start on, always discuss the information you gathered from the expert afterwards.

Most Fertile Days to Get Pregnant

Successful pregnancy is largely dependent on the most fertile days to get pregnant of women. Little or no knowledge of this fact is often the reason for unexpected pregnancies and difficulty in conceiving. Couples who feel they are ready to venture into parenthood need to understand more about women’s fertility and the ovulation process.

Fertile days – what happens when the timing is off?

Random intercourse between couples can either result in a surprise pregnancy or an unsuccessful attempt to conceive. Not knowing about the days when you’re most fertile can be frustrating for those who desire to be parents. But for those who are ill prepared to handle such a big responsibility it can be a worrying prospect.

Knowing the best time to try to get pregnant is not only important to the success of conception but it’s also a good way to prepare a woman’s body for the changes she will undergo during pregnancy. It helps couples mentally and emotionally to anticipate a big change in their lives by knowing more about the days when you are most fertile.

How to determine the most fertile days for women

The menstrual cycle varies for every female but it usually happens between 23 to 35 days. This is the normal range where most women belong. Anything longer or shorter can mean abnormalities which can also affect the schedule of fertility.

There are two parts of the cycle – pre-ovulation and post ovulation that needs to be monitored to find out which days should be reserved for lovemaking. On the seventh day of the cycle, the egg or ovum is getting ready to be fertilized. During this time, the uterine lining is thickening in anticipation for the coming of the egg.

On the fourteenth day, the ovum is released and travels to the fallopian tubes where hopefully a sperm cell is lying in wait. Once the egg is fertilized it is implanted in the uterine lining which signals a successful conception and the subsequent pregnancy. To make things easier to grasp, around day 14 prior to menstruation is considered among the most fertile for women.

Getting help to ensure fertile days

Despite following this schedule, there are contributing factors that may affect women’s ovulation. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle is a primary concern. They can easily disrupt the normal body cycle. Physiological disorders in the reproductive system can also alter the menstrual flow which is why many women find it hard to get pregnant.

Over the Counter Fertility Drugs for Women

Are over the counter fertility drugs effective?

Fertility is a big concern for many women all over the world. While a big percentage of females still want to enter motherhood during the prime age to get pregnant, a significant increase in delayed pregnancies has been recorded in recent years. One major reason for this is the changing role of women in the society. Whereas in the past they were relegated to house chores, today their contributions are valued in almost if not all fields of industry.

As a result of this trend, there’s also an increase in usage of  this type of drugs to help these women achieve pregnancy. But the question many of them ask is does it really work? There have been many claims of successful pregnancies with the aid of these drugs for women like Clomid or Clomiphene Citrate which stimulate egg ovulation through production of LH and FSH hormones. Gonadotropin works in the same manner and is used as alternative to Clomid.

The effectiveness of these or any type of medication for that matter lies on what condition it treats and how it’s being used. For female infertility, it’s important to determine the real cause. If there is a lack of hormone like progesterone, an appropriate supplement or medication that helps increase its production should be used. On the other hand, physical defects in any reproductive organ cannot be cured by these types of fertility meds.

Are over the counter fertility drugs for women safe?

Traditionally, drugs and all kinds of medicinal concoctions should be used with the guidance of expert professionals like doctors and pharmacists. But since there are medical conditions that are easy to treat like ordinary cough and fever, it has been a practice to let people buy medications “over the counter” or without prescription from physicians. In this light, over the counter fertility treatment for women are generally considered safe. However, since the issue of pregnancy is such a delicate one especially for female health it is advised to carefully choose the kind of drugs to take to promote fertility.

Fertility meds are hot items especially for couples who are having a hard time getting pregnant. While there is no guarantee or assurance of positive results, using them has not been ruled out by experts which mean to some extent they are effective. The important thing to remember is to use them properly and with aid from doctors who know best when it comes to health.

Best Ways To Get Pregnant

Many couples who want to have children go about doing it blindly and so they get worried when they don’t conceive immediately. Pregnancy is a process that needs to be followed strictly otherwise it would be impossible to achieve. It’s why individuals like you who wish to enter parenthood should know all about the best ways to get pregnant.

Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months

Why you should learn all about the ways to get pregnant

Becoming a parent is a matter of choice that any mature adult can make. It’s the first thing you should remember before trying to get pregnant. If you’ve decided to become a mother or father, it can only mean you’re ready for the responsibilities that go with it. The next step would be to learn the ways to get pregnant. But why is there a need to?

For starters, pregnancy is an intricate process that needs all parts to function properly in order to succeed. Simply put, it’s not just about having intercourse on a regular basis. You and your partner need to know what steps are involved in the process so you can follow them. In addition to these steps, you also need to know the physical requirements to conceive – a healthy and fully functioning reproductive system.

What are the best ways to get pregnant?

Before you worry that you might be doing something wrong that prevents you from getting pregnant, you should know that with proper guidance from a doctor you can have fun trying to conceive. In fact, it’s the best way to get pregnant – have fun and exciting intercourse with your partner.

Aside from a fun filled sex life, you should learn all about your ovulation period if you’re female or your lady’s if you’re a man. Some couples disregard the importance of this knowledge thinking pregnancy will eventually come but that could take a while especially for those past the prime age of pregnancy.

Knowing when a woman is ovulating will not only increases the chance of getting pregnant but also helps couple prepare for those days. You don’t want to be too tired or stressed out when the right time to get pregnant is upon you. The same should go with your partner; you both need to be relaxed and having fun during this time.

It’s also important to note that intercourse positions also affect pregnancy probability especially for couples who have trouble getting pregnant. Finding out all about the tips to get pregnant is the key to achieve fulfilment for any couple who wishes to become parents.

How to Get Pregnant with the Best Intercourse Positions

Aside from pleasure, one of the reasons why couples have intercourse is to get pregnant and have a child. But unfortunately it doesn’t always result to pregnancy. For many out there, conceiving might take some time and a lot of effort to do like finding out what the best position to get pregnant is.

Intercourse position and pregnancy

Normally, any kind of position during intercourse should lead to pregnancy if conditions are right. However, there are individuals that suffer disorders and deficiencies in the reproductive system that make it rather difficult for a sperm to reach an egg and fertilize. This can be remedied by doing the best position.

How can this help? Through proper positioning, a sperm is aided in its quest to pair with the egg after ejaculation from the male. Usually, there’s enough force coming from the male to propel sperm cells inside the female. But certain factors like weak sperm or blocked uterus require extra force which using the best position can bring.

Positions to get pregnant

Changing intercourse positions is said to add spice to a couple’s relationship but not many people know that it can also aid in getting pregnant. Here is a rundown of the list of positions that are ideal for baby making:

  • Man on top or the more famous missionary position. This is considered the most basic form of intercourse that’s programmed for all human beings. It’s also the best position because of the depth of penetration that allows sperm to reach the cervix.
  • Hip raise while in missionary position. If regular man on top position isn’t enough to push semen into the cervix, elevating the female’s hips can help boost sperm right into the area where the egg is waiting. This is done by placing a pillow behind the back of the woman.
  • Rear entry or man from behind position. This allows the male to give a more powerful thrust which can help propel semen much closer into the cervix. It’s also recommended that females bend down slightly while doing this to improve the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Side entry position. Lying side by side, couples can engage in intercourse that has a high chance of sperm getting deposited in the cervix.

Alternative Help to Getting Pregnant

It’s highly advisable for couples with pregnancy problems to consult a physician for proper diagnosis. It’s very important to establish the real cause of infertility before getting any kind of medication

Cant Get Pregnant?

Reasons Behind Why Am I Not Getting Pregnant Today’s world is so complex and fast paced that starting a family often takes a backseat to work and earning money in the list of priorities of couples. Financial stability often becomes the excuse for postponing attempts to get pregnant until it almost becomes too late. It’s no wonder why working women often ask, “Why can’t I get pregnant?” I can’t get pregnant – reasons why women delay becoming mothers Society has changed so much in the last century that women are no longer considered inferior to men especially in the workplace. This empowerment has given them a new mindset about motherhood and raising a family. Unlike in the old days when becoming pregnant and rearing children was considered the pinnacle of womanhood, today it’s more about having the choice whether to procreate or not. The question hardly comes to mind especially for young females. Young women today are encouraged to explore their potential before getting pregnant or settling down to take care of a family. You can read it in magazines, online, and Hollywood even makes movies about it constantly. It’s no wonder why women use contraceptives like pills to prevent getting pregnant.

Can’t get pregnant – Reasons

why couples falter at conceiving However, there are women who want to get pregnant but are having trouble conceiving and so they ask doctors why can’t they get pregnant? There are several factors that contribute to difficulty getting pregnant and they are not limited to women alone. And these are the following: Infertility either or both in the man or woman. There are no clear signs or symptoms that can definitely tell couples this so the best option is to have each one tested. By doing this, not only are they going to find out why they can’t conceive but they can get expert help as well. When one can’t conceive, one should analyze lifestyle habits. Women who are fond of taking medications to improve their looks should be wary of substances that reduce fertility. Vices like smoking and drinking too much also contribute to infertility in men as well as women. Individual health history also factors in for every couple. Previous illnesses and treatments may have caused temporary infertility in either party which is why it’s very important to seek medical advice.

Some couples find it very difficult to have a baby. Reasons might be due to female or male infertility or another reason such as the health of the mother. Reasons for not getting pregnant may also include issues with a pregnancy, miscarriage, and contraception use.

Here are some reasons behind problem of not getting pregnant:

  • Some women take too long to get pregnant. Reasons for not getting pregnant is a common problem in women who have waited until they are older to start their family.
  • Male infertility is linked to reasons why couples have had difficulty getting pregnant. Reasons for infertility in men include lack of sperm production, history of sexually transmitted diseases or use of anabolic steroids.
  • Reasons behind fertility problems in men can also be related to erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant may also be due to the father’s health problems during childhood such as exposure to toxic substances or radiation.
  • Reasons behind fertility problems in men can also include chromosomal abnormalities or genetic factors, hormonal disorders and chronic illnesses.
  • Reasons behind problems with fertility in women include irregular periods, sexually transmitted diseases, uterine fibroids and endometriosis (growths in the uterus). Pelvic inflammatory disease in women
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant involve any health problem in the fetus, such as Down syndrome or chromosomal abnormalities including trisomy disorders.
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant also include a history of prenatal or neonatal death, stillbirths and abortions.
  • Reasons behind issues with fertility also include the mother’s health problems during pregnancy such as uncontrolled diabetes, exposure to German measles (rubella), drug abuse and alcoholism.
  • Reasons behind problems with fertility can also be related to genetic factors in either the mother or father which are linked to physical or intellectual disabilities in children. Reasons for not getting pregnant with genetic diseases in the family include cystic fibrosis, Huntington’s disease, Tay-Sachs disease and sickle cell anemia. Reasons behind issues with fertility might be due to certain congenital malformations or birth defects in one or both of the parents’ families.
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant are also related to conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases. Reasons for not getting pregnant with sexually transmitted diseases might include HIV infection, genital warts, herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea.
  • Reasons behind problems with fertility might be due to the mother’s health issues before pregnancy such as rubella during pregnancy, diabetes mellitus or thyroid dysfunction.
  • Infections in the reproductive system and exposure to high levels of toxic substances or radiation.
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant are often related to obesity in either the man or woman, which may decrease the likelihood of conception.
  • Reasons for not getting pregnant also involve lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol and using illegal drugs.

You know, You are may begin to realize the truth that you are getting pregnant is not an easy thing. So getting pregnant is a very difficult thing for someone. Someone plan to do this to check asterism. But everyone forgot that cold truth that isn’t an easy thing as you had imagined. So let’s talk about why getting pregnant why so difficult.

You may have spent time of your life trying to avoid your pregnant. I think this time is the start and go straight with your life with a baby as you thought without any fear. There have several things that may be messing up with your pregnant.

Getting Pregnant why is it so Difficult?

Actually, at this moment, Timing is a very important thing. This major factor is stops you are becoming pregnant. You need to know healthy women ovulates only once every single period generally release an ovum which requires getting fertilized within a time period of 6 to 12 several hours to be able to become pregnant. And talking the male, male sperm will be able to survive inside of the woman for in between 2 and 3 days and also the ideal condition for fertilization is always to have the sperm recently placed inside of the female and patiently waiting for the ovum to show up – many fertilization really takes area at the mouth of the fallopian tubes.

In this situation The quality of the male semen can easily vary significantly. Because of Heat around the testicles. And also remember the wearing of tight underwear and too much ejaculation are also effects for that.

So remember, if you have had intercourse two times per day for the entire month it may not necessarily be as successful as to have got intercourse just once at a suitable time. You remember to do just hours before ovulation occurs.

Charting method and BBT Method

Here is the effective and successful method used by a lot of successful couples. They were using the charting method or BBT (Basal Body Temperature) method. They basically include charting each day vaginal heat. Simply at the point of ovulation generally there is a considerable increase in heat. This, put together with other signs and symptoms for example density of vaginal mucus and also possible stomach feelings will display the when ovulation is happening. Following a couple of months of working with this great method, You can predict with certainty specifically when ovulation will happen. So Before two hours, you can have intercourse and this is due to occur to guarantee fertilization.

  • You have to stop Smoking and Drinking: because of Main health issues that slow down fertilization include smoking and drinking in both the female and the male.
  • Stop Unhealthy Eating: You make sure to get good foods and vitamin B12 (meat, fish, eggs, and milk) additionally the getting of folic acid can greatly support pregnancy as the female.
  • Careful with Drugs: They are very harmful to the conception process.

Hey you know with All these points show how hard it is usually to obtain pregnantly and also you may well begin to see that the creation of another human life truly is a miracle when you see how unlikely the possibilities of fertilization truly are.

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