Pregnant Belly Size And Shape Full Fact Sheet

Pregnant Belly Size And Shape Full Fact Sheet

Pregnant belly

Pregnancy brings its own joys, struggles, and a Huge Pregnant belly. Yes! It’s obvious that your belly will start growing with the start of your pregnancy. Maternal weight gain is normal and normally you gain up to 12 kg during pregnancy. Some women even gain more but more the weight,  chances are that smaller the baby will be.
Keeping a healthy weight throughout  pregnancy is essential . How you carry your child does not affect how healthy a baby will be? Your shape and size of the pregnant belly totally depends on the size and position of your fetus.
However, women get concerned about their pregnant bellies and it is normal and pretty common between pregnant women to worry about how their belly looks like?  Is their baby healthy? Or are they carrying it right?
In reality, women can carry babies differently.

If you are carrying small?

Some women actually idealize small belly.  They think its a sign of being “fit” to have a small belly during pregnancy. While others think that a small pregnant belly means,  your baby is underweight.
Both perceptions are wrong. Carrying small has nothing to do with “fitness” only and it does not affect your child weight until you are eating well and taking proper care of yourself.
Some women start eating too much or they crave for high calories food during pregnancy which leads to large pregnant belly so your “small” pregnant belly is maybe actually normal.
Pregnant belly of tall women can also look small. Your doctor can keep check of your child’s growth, size and weight. Your belly as to grow over time in pregnancy.
Taking proper care and eating healthy can result in pregnant belly which may look “small” to a common observer but if your doctor is satisfied with your belly measurements and your child’s growth, then no need to worry. Chill.

Huge Pregnant Belly? 

You must have heard “are you expecting twins”? If you seem to have a comparatively large belly size. Large pregnant belly size depends on how your child is positioned. Sometimes women with short height also seem to carry big.
Most women grow their belly big in late pregnancy. If it is not your first pregnancy,  your muscles may stretch far from elasticity and gives a “big look” to your pregnant belly.

Seems carrying low?  

Belly of some women seems “falling down”. This is a very uncomfortable position and usually happens in later on pregnancies when your muscles are already stretched from a previous pregnancy.
Your muscle and ligaments grow weak with time and experiencing pregnancies,  so you may look like carrying low. Sometimes your baby adjusts itself for labor and your belly starts feeling low.
Usually, if the baby is adjusting its position for labor, then it will happen overnight. But if you are carrying low because of weak muscles, then it can cause strain on your lower back and you need to take proper care and rest.

Wider pregnant belly

If your baby is positioned in a transverse lie, then your belly will seem wide. Your doctor or mid wide will tell you this while checking your baby growth and position. This position has no problem unless your baby doesn’t adjust itself during labor. A baby should flip itself in a head-down position or you may need a c-section.
Sometimes women gain more weight during pregnancy and seem wider than normal.

Pregnant belly in first trimester 

Usually, women start gaining weight after the first trimester is over. Your belly will not have very noticeable growth in the first trimester unless you are not eating right. You just need up to 300 more calories in pregnancy and eating junk or too much sugary and oily food will do you no good and just a large tummy.
Your unhealthy eating may increase your calorie intake but it may not even provide enough nutrition to your baby.
Having a little show off in early pregnancy is ok as your uterus starts expanding and making room for your baby so your belly may look more but of course you will not get a large belly overnight. It takes months to grow your pregnant belly.

Pregnant belly in second trimester 

Your belly will start to show in the second trimester.  Your baby is now completed and is the size of a fist. Your uterus is more stretched and your belly may seem hard.
Physical changes during the second trimester are usually noticeable as your belly starts growing,  your breasts start getting fuller and your little angel is ready to grow further in your belly.

Pregnant belly in third trimester 

In the third trimester,  your uterus grows more and exert pressure on your intestines. You will feel like carrying a weight and of course, you are carrying it.
Your appetite will grow as now your body has also grown larger.
Third-trimester pregnant belly can bring you many difficulties like having difficulty in walk, severe constipation and feeling drowsy all the time. It may cause back pain and you feel like you can’t even rest in one position for long.
This is normal and soon it will end. So just relax and take proper rest. After delivering your child,  your body will start coming back to normal as it was before pregnancy.
No matter,  how your belly seems or how you are carrying your child? As long as you and your baby are healthy, your pregnant belly size and look doesn’t matter.
So enjoy your pregnancy time. Eat healthy, live happily and celebrate your pregnant belly as it is a gift wrap for your little bundle of joy who is arriving soon.


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