6 Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

6 Weeks Pregnant – All You Need To Know

If you are 6 weeks pregnant you maybe adapting with the serious symptoms and side effects of pregnancy. However don’t worry, there is plenty of good news that accompanies this period in your pregnancy.

At this point in time your babies head will begin to develop.

The folds of tissue, which reside on the prominent bump of your stomach, are developing into your child’s Jaw, cheeks and chin which will eventually form your beautiful babies face.

At this time the ear canals are forming

And eyes and a little nose.

Along with this the babies kidneys, liver, lungs and heart will also begin to form. At this point the babies heart rate , which is 110 bpm will be able to be detected.

Measuring The Size Of The Fetus

During the embryos development, the baby may be difficult to measure. When you are 6 weeks pregnant your babies total length from “crown-to-rump” will be anywhere from a 1/5th to a 1/4 of an inch and is rapidly growing making it the size of a pea.

6 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Frequent Urination

Your body may not show much change externally but however internally there is a lot going on. you may feel queasy or bloated and have specific cravings. Don’t be alarmed you may even experience cravings for food you have never had before.

Another thing you may find yourself doing is frequently going to the bathroom more than regular. Frequent urination is a symptom that may be uncomfortable, it is likely that you may have to wake up in the middle of the night to go the bathroom.

This is due to the increased blood flow to your pelvic area from the rise of pregnancy hormone hCG. What’s more is that your kidneys are running more efficiently to remove waste products from your body. This paired with the fact that your bladders capacity has been reduced from your growing uterus pushing upon it.

A quick tip to reduce the amount of times you visit the bathroom is to lean forward when you urinate to make sure you body completely expels all the urine in your bladder.

Even through the discomfort from the need to urinate, you need to remember to keep drinking water as your body needs a constant supply of fluids now more than ever.

Heartburn & Indigestion

Be sure to avoid greasy and spicy foods and avoid clothes which constrict your stomach as heartburn and indigestion will begin to bother you routinely. This is because the band of muscle at the top of stomach loosens, allowing the acidic digestive juices to re-flux.

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Tender Breasts & Other Changes

You will notice that your breasts are becoming larger and that your nipples are protruding more than usual. Accompanying this is the darkening of your areolas, which is an adaptation that makes it easier for your newborn to be breastfed.

Fatigue & Nausea

Remember to take breaks during your day as you may feel more tired going through your usual day. You will be drained of energy to provide for the fetus developing within you. Nausea is a common and almost certain symptom of pregnancy. Morning sickness may not be the most pleasant thing to wake up to but you can fight off this horrible feeling by ingesting small amounts of protein and carbs, or however much you can handle.


Advice For Week 6

Watch Out For UTI Symptoms

At 6 weeks of pregnancy you are at a higher risk or contracting a urinary tract infection. If you experience pain or discomfort when urinating you may have a Urinary Tract Infection, Please consult your doctor if you have any worries regarding this. In the event you do have a UTI ensure you are taking “baby-safe” antibiotics and medication.

Recommended Foods During Pregnancy

Healthy alternatives to your favorite food are advised to keep your baby and yourself happy. Try to go for baked foods instead of more desirable oily and greasy foods. Add more nutrition into your meals by including  fruit and vegetables to provide your body with much needed vitamins and minerals. Not only will this keep you healthy it will strengthen your immune system, which is crucial for the health of your baby.

Staying hydrated is paramount, as being dehydrated can lead to feelings of anxiety, headaches, dizziness. This coupled with the pregnancy symptoms will make it harder for you to function. Drinking water will also reduce your risk of getting a UTI. So make sure you consistently drink water.

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