Twin Pregnancy : 15 Signs Symptoms To Look Out For Twin pregnancy

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms To Look Out For

Pregnancy is a little miracle wrapped in bundle of happiness and unlimited love.
The news can bring lot of happy emotions. And if you are pregnant with twins… Yahoo!  double the happiness and celebrations.
Knowing that you are carrying twins is definitely uncertain until you have an ultrasound to confirm that. But many women claim that they knew it in their heart from very start. We don’t doubt that either. Only a mom can know of course.
There are certain facts on the basis of which a mom can be a little sure about a pair of joy in her belly. Although they are not proven scientific facts that only twins can cause such symptoms. And some of them even overlap with single pregnancy symptoms also. But you can consider these 15 Twin Pregnancy Symptoms To Look Out For symptoms as little hints of double tough nine months.
Good news on the way…  Tick tick we are waiting.. Confirm these symptoms and celebrate!  And make plans about two miracles arriving soon at your home.

The ultrasound is essential in identifying and caring for twin births. The ultrasound is used to determine the number of fetuses, to identify any fetal abnormalities, to date the pregnancy, and to monitor the growth of each fetus. Having twins means you are likely to see your obstetrician regularly so that they can closely monitor all aspects of the twin pregnancy due to the increased chance of complications.

Twins are generally smaller and weaker than singleton pregnancies and are more likely to need some time in special care after birth.

Twins pregnancies have a higher chance of being born before their due date, twin births are generally at about 37 to 38 weeks, with caesareans being common for twin births. This is because it is more likely than one or both babies are not in a perfect position for a natural birth. Premature birth is common for twin births. Problems associated with Premature twin births.

Immature Lungs

Premature babies lack a substance called surfactant. Surfactant allows the lungs to expand and to breath normally.

If it is to be a premature twins birth, the expectant mum can be given two injections of the steroid called beta-methasone in the 48 periods before birth. The steroid will help the lungs mature. If there is no time for steroid injections, then the surfactant has been developed that can be given to the premature baby to assist with breathing.

Difficulty maintaining body temperature

In the 4 to 6 weeks of a typical pregnancy, the baby gains weight and develops its body fat which helps the new-born baby maintain its body temperature when born. With premature twin births, the newborn babies have not had the chance to develop the fat to keep them warm, which is why they may be taken to the premature baby unit and kept artificially warm.

Treatment for twin pregnancy

A twin pregnancy can mean twice the excitement and twice the fun for the expectant mum. How special you feel to be able to have two bundles of joy.

Unfortunately, twin pregnancies are also challenging and riskier. Plus the expectant mother is likely to suffer twice the morning sickness and twice the fatigue.

An expectant mother of twins is often given bed rest in the final stages of the twin pregnancy in order to try to reduce the chances of premature labour.

The actual medical treatment you receive will depend on the type of twin pregnancy, and whether it is one of the more rare forms of twin pregnancy, such as Monoamniotic twin pregnancy.


15 Twin Pregnancy Symptoms To Look Out For

More morning sickness

Morning sickness comes as complementary with pregnancy. No woman can say that she didn’t have it at all during pregnancy.
Some women even claims that they suffer morning sickness during whole nine months.while others experience it for some time.
Severe morning sickness can even lead to hyperemesis gravidarum.
If one pregnancy can cause your stomach to fall out imagine what a double pregnancy will do? It is said that more morning sickness can be a hidden hint for twin pregnancy. Although you can’t mark the level of nausea a women can go through but with twin pregnancies, it can began very early than expected .

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Heart beat count

Counting heart beat is not possible in very early stage of pregnancy. But a baby’s heart start beating form as early as six weeks pregnancy. Doppler system heart beat count is used to hear baby’s heart which is very distinguishable than mother’s heart beat.
A mother’s heartbeat count is less than baby’s and even a trained midwife can hear a baby’s heartbeat.
Two heart beats can confirm twin pregnancy. Although measuring and listening heart beat rate in early pregnancy can be misleading as well. You may mix-up echo of mother’s heart beat with baby heart beat.
But with careful monitoring two heart beats can confirm double pregnancy.

HCG levels in pregnancy tests

Usually a pregnancy strip is used to determine if there is pregnancy or not. Pregnant women release a specific hormone and that hormone is detected by pregnancy strip.
Normally a woman will start releasing this hormone after six to eight days of pregnancy. These hormones start increasing gradually and are high enough to be detectable in urine or blood after you miss your period.
They say that your HCG levels are high during twin pregnancies and pregnancy result can come positive quiet sooner and even before you miss your period.
Although increased HCG doesn’t guarantee twin pregnancy, as it can be symptom of molar pregnancy also. And number of HCG level are different for different women. But until and unless you are going through fertility treatments,  consider this increased number as a ticket to twin pregnancy squad.

A little tighter clothes

Oh yes weight gain is common in pregnancy but some women can experience even fall in weight too. Weight gain in early pregnancy is due to hormonal changes going in body. A body actually start preparing itself for a nine month journey.
A mom carrying twin will gain up to 10 pounds more than Singleton mother. And a weight will increase mostly in last trimester. But a mother of twins may gain weight in early pregnancy because of overloaded hormones in body.
Another reason of weight gain can be irregular eating habits during pregnancy. Different cravings can make you eat more calories than you can consume.

Gestational age

Gestational age is determined any measuring the size of uterus. A doctor or midwife measure this by measuring length of uterus from pubic bone to top of uterus.
Pregnancy makes your uterus “bigger” to create more room for your angel. A twin pregnancy will make uterus grow even more in size than single pregnancy.
After second trimester it is normal for belly to start increasing visibly but in early pregnancy may be it is a hint of twin pregnancy.

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AFP tests results

Alpha feto protein screening tests are used to diagnose early birth defects in fetus. This test is also known as maternal serum screening and is performed in second trimester.
A mother of twins show abnormal high number in this test.But it is better to go through further assessment as may be it is not only a twin pregnancy alarm.

May i go to washroom please? 

We used to say this phrase in childhood when the urge to urine was uncontrollable . In twin pregnancy a women might feel more urination than normal. It will happen due to hormones and may be due to increased sac size.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is common in pregnancy. Unless its foul smelling or in yellow or brown colour there is no need to panic or worry about it.
Twin pregnancy may cause more vaginal discharge than normal. This happens because of hormonal fluctuations in body.


A lady getting faint and doctor announcing a pregnancy sounds quiet filmy. But fatigue is inevitable in pregnancy. Every women goes through certain level of fatigue in early pregnancy.
A body prepares itself for pregnancy and work more than normal to feed another human being causing fatigue in women. Feeling of dizziness and laziness can be sign of twin pregnancy. Although we can’t measure how much fatigue was result of multiple pregnancy but mom of twins are visibly more lazy,  stressed out and sleepy in early trimester.

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Tender breast 

Sore breasts are sign of pregnancy. Body starts preparing it self for future needs. The tenderness in breast usually comes in early pregnancy. Sometimes even before you miss your period,  you can actually feel that specific pain in your breasts.
In Twin pregnancy,  your breast can become more tender and fuller due to high hormonal changes going all over in body.

Baby Movement 

Between 18-25 weeks,  you will feel that little jerk. Wow like A real butterfly fluctuating its wings in your stomach. The level of excitement can be unimaginable.
Old wives tales say that when there are two babies in a belly,  they fight more often. You may find your belly moving early than expected.
But wait wait.. It can be an upset stomach or gas in your treasure bag that is causing bloated feeling in your belly. Oops

Gut Feelings

According to old wives tales,  if a mother feels something about pregnancy than her instincts are usually right.
There can be other symptoms adding up to that feeling like weight gain, fatigue, nausea and even dreams. Yes a mom’s dream can come true. If she thinks she is pregnant with twins. May be she is right.

Your age

Age matters a lot in pregnancy. According to studies,  women in late 30s and 40s are more likely to carry twins. Due to irregular ovulatory cycles,  you may be ovulating two follicles at same time.
So with all the above symptoms if your age is above 25-30 yrs. Chances for twin pregnancy are higher.

The final confirmation 

After all that roller coaster ride of emotions,  now it is time to confirm the twin pregnancies. An ultrasound will confirm whether there is a single fetus or multiple fetus in uterus. The type of twin pregnancy( identical or fraternal)will also be confirmed through ultrasound. Ultrasound is almost a fool proof way of diagnosing twin pregnancy.
If it happens to be true!  Yayyyy congratulations and celebrations.
But never hesitate to talk to your doctor as multiple pregnancy can be quiet risky and difficult too. You need proper emotional and physical guidance throughout your pregnancy.
But when the tough time will be over than after holding your little joys in your hand,  you will know that all that journey you had was worth it!!

Identical Twins

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

The following is an elementary description of Twin to twin transfusion.

Brief description of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)

The cause of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome is not known. Twin to twin transfusion syndrome is not known to be hereditary or genetic.

Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) can affect identical twin pregnancy where the foetuses share a common placenta (called monochorionic).

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome has a high mortality rate – approximately 60-100% mortality rate.

Sharing a common placenta means that the twin foetuses can begin to share blood circulation. Each fetus uses its side of the placenta, the placenta blood vessels connecting the twins allow blood to pass from one twin to the other twin. Depending on the number of blood vessels connecting them, this can mean that the blood is not shared. Equally, blood is transferred from “the donor” to the other twin “the recipient”.

The effect of Twin to Twin transfusion syndrome

The donor to have less blood, which reduces the donor twins development and growth, and it affects its urinary output, leading to lower than normal amniotic fluid.

The increased volume of blood to the recipient puts a strain on the twin’s heart which can lead to heart failure. The higher than average urinary output can also lead to excessive amniotic fluid.

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome in early twin pregnancy (before 26 weeks) can cause both twin foetuses to die or severe disabilities.

Twin to twin transfusion syndrome if happening after 26 weeks can mean that the foetuses have a greater chance of survival without severe disability.

Treatment for Twin to twin transfusion syndrome

Research into twin to twin transfusion syndrome is ongoing and recommended treatments rapidly change.

Speak to your obstetrician for the most up to date twin to twin transfusion treatment information.

One treatment that I came across on the internet (although no formal clinical trials are supporting the treatment – so you should ask your obstetrician for their view) was that some doctors recommend complete bed rest for mothers of twin pregnancy coupled with high intakes of protein from protein shakes. There is no standard agreement for why this might be of benefit. So again consult your obstetrician for their view.

Causes of identical twins

The different type of twin pregnancies depends a lot on what happens with the placenta.

Identical twins have either their placenta or share a placenta.

The reason for there being either one shared placenta or one placenta for each twin is not known, however, the later the embryo splits following after fertilisation happens, the more the complications.

  • Embryo splits up to 4 after conception – the result is separate placentas called dichorionic, just like fraternal twins. This type of twin pregnancy has the lowest rate of complications. Have the lowest risk of mortality of all twin pregnancy is at about 9%, although this is still significantly higher than the mortality rate of singletons.
  • Embryo splits between 4 to 8 days after conception – leads to the shared placenta, called monochorionic, but will have separate sacs called diamniotic. This type of twin pregnancy is the most common placenta type for identical twins. If they are monochorionic, they are identical twins. Daimonic twin pregnancies have a 25% mortality due to twin-twin transfusion.
  • Embryo splits over eight days to about 12 days– leads to monochorionic twins but within the same sac called monoamniotic. Monoamnionic monochorionic twin pregnancies have the second-highest mortality rates, at about 60% due to cord entanglement before 32 weeks. The majority of monoamniotic monochorionic twin pregnancies are delivered by caesarean at 32 weeks.
  • After 12 days – the splitting results in conjoined twins. The mortality rate is highest for conjoined twins, due to the complications of sharing internal organs.




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