Best Postpartum Belly Wrap 2020- 13 MOM Approved Belly Wraps

Best Postpartum Belly Wrap 2020- 13 MOM Approved Belly Wraps

Are you a new mom and conscious about how you look in clothes due to the weight gain during your pregnancy? Nothing to worry about, we are here to help you achieve both the confidence and comfort with the help of postpartum belly band.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian talked about their journey and said that these bands helped them through her postpartum period a lot. These bands help you achieve slimmer looking body in the postpartum days as it holds your waist and abdominal area in place, making you look content.

It does not only makes you look beautiful but also help you recover from the back pain because of the muscle stretching. Postpartum Belly Bands And Wraps come in several shapes and with different features finding the right band for your needs can be difficult. We have gathered some Best Postpartum Belly Wrap 2020  mom-approved postpartum belly bands and wraps.

AZMED Maternity Belt

This belt is made from light weight material which provides gentle compression to the bump. The stretching elasticity of the belt makes it best for the women in pregnancy and in postpartum. It adjusts according to the size of the belly as it grows.

The strong support which it provides helps you do your daily chores. Furthermore, it reduces the back and pelvic pain and corrects your posture via supporting the stretched muscles. It also provides stretch and compression to reduce bladder pressure and divide weight evenly.

During pregnancy you gain a lot of weight in abdominal area which is also your center of gravity.The extra weight will make your pelvic area very unstable and painful. You can fall or lose support. It will help you and become your guardian angel against such mishaps. The material is soft and breathable it avoids any moisture buildup making it more comfortable.

The cost of the belt is $22.97 and it is also one of the top selling postpartum belts on amazon. You can get yours by clicking on the link provided below.


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3 in 1 Postpartum Belly Support Recovery Wrap By KeaBabies

It is one the most loved items by the new mothers. The brand is known to be best for their comfort and support. The belt is available is two sizes, one is suitable for pre-pregnancy weight below 145lbs whereas plus size XL is best suited for pre-pregnancy weight 150lbs and above.

The belt is soft and breathable company claims that it is their top priority to give the customers the comfort that they deserve. The belt is soft and prevents any skin irritation. It is recommended to wear a layer under the wrap.

The moisture absorbing quality makes it even better choice as it will keep you fresh during the whole time. The wrap will also help your belly to shrink in and helps your womb to get back in its original shape.

Carrying a baby in your belly and bring it into the world takes about your energy and gives you loads of muscular pain and back pain. The KeaBabies Postpartum Belt will provide your body, especially your back with optimum support to help you recover and improves your posture.

The cost of this product it $22 and it is available on amazon. If you wish you buy this specific product visit the link below.

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3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap 3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap 3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap 3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap 3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap 3-in-1-Postpartum-Belly-Support-Recovery-Wrap

3 In 1 Postpartum Support by ChongErfei

The belly wraps is the number one selling postpartum belly band. It has 4.5 star rating of 6000 plus users making it the lost desired band. The belt is used for the postpartum relief and advised not to be used during pregnancy due to its unique features.

It comes in three different colors; black, white and beige. Black and white in WAIST BELT & PELVIS BELT (2 BELTS IN 1 SET), BEIGE in WAIST & PELVIS & BELLY BELT (3 BELTS IN 1 SET).

It is available in two different sizes with different measurements and it very essential to measure yourself before buying the band to avoid inconvenience.

‘one size fits all’ with measurements

Belly belt –37.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 26″-36.7″

Waist belt –41.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 26″-39″

Pelvis belt–43″ x 6″, Fits hipline 32.7″-42″

For the “4XL” version:

Belly belt — 41.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 35″-40″

Waist belt — 45.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 38″-44″

Pelvis belt— 47″ x 6″, Fits hipline 40″-46″

The material used is soft and comfortable also light weight making it easier for new mothers to move freely. It keeps the body in shapes thus improving the body posture. It also heals all the pain of pack and abdominal area.

The stuff used to make the material is easily washable so you don’t have to worry about the dirt and sweat. The band can be used for multiple purposes you can use it regain your body shape former to the childbirth.

It also helps in reducing swellings and supports your core muscles bring back your uterus to its original shape. It can be used a body shaper making you look slimmer and content after the childbirth.

The adjustability of the belt even makes it a better choice. The Velcro is adjustable and easy to wear. The support can be adjusted equally on both ends of the belt. It can of great use to reduce your lower pelvic pains making maternity a more precious gift. It is advised to wear a shirt underneath the belt to avoid discomfort. It recommended not wearing it while sleeping.

If you are looking for this postpartum belt click on the link provided below.

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TiRain 3 In 1 Postpartum Support

It is post-delivery belt used my mothers who gave natural birth or through C-section. it supports your body and act as a pain reliever throughout the journey. It contains belly belt, waist belt and pelvic belt which helps in the postpartum recovery. It is best suited for plus size women with the measurements given below. It is advised to choose the belt according to your current measurements.

  • Belly belt — 37.4″ x 9″, Fits Stomach 26″-36.7″
  • Waist belt — 41.3″ x 9″, Fits waistline 26″-39″
  • Pelvis belt– 43.3″ x 6″, Fits hipline 32.7″-42″

The belt is breathable and made from a soft and stretchable material which prevents any skin irritation and holds your abdomen in one place. Besides this it is easy to wear and adjust according to your needs. It also prevents sagging of your body and bringing it back to its original shape.

This specific postpartum wrap is available on amazon for $20.59. if you wish to purchase it click on the link provided below.

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Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle with Front Hooks

Bellefit corset is highly recommended by the doctors for recovering from C-section.

it is also suitable for natural birth. it gives 360 degree support to abdomen helps in regaining mobility and strength. it also helps in recovering from uterus expansion during childbirth and provides you with comfort.

It is a triple layered band from front to back providing you with the support that you need. It is made up of microporous, hypoallergenic and breathable MEDICALTEX proprietary fabric.

It helps in improving your posture as well. The band is easy to use especially in postpartum days when you have to change your pads every now and then the adjustable groin flap designed in a way to make your life more relaxing.

Bellefit gurrentees that their customers will be satisfied with their products and if not they will offer you a replacement.This band is a bit expensive compared to other wraps. It costs about $108-128. If you planning on buying the product visit the link below.

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Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle with Front Hooks Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle with Front Hooks Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle with Front Hooks Bellefit Corset Medical-Grade Adjustable Postpartum Girdle with Front Hooks

Upspring Baby Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Band

If you are someone who is worried about the postpartum belly and wants to get rid of it ASAP then this wrap is the right fit for you. Bamboo charcoal combines cut-edging fiber technology which increases circulation with customized compression to help reduce the swelling and keep your abdominal muscles intact, help you with posture and improves your health overall. The side straps give you the advantage of reducing you waist simultaneously.

It is available in two sizes small/medium and large/X-large. S/M: Fits belly 25″ – 44″ and L/XL: Fits belly 45″ – 52″. If you are planning on buying the wrap visit the link below.

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belly-belt-upspring-baby-shrinks-belly-bamboo-charocoal-postpartum-belly belly-belt-upspring-baby-shrinks-belly-bamboo-charocoal-postpartum-belly belly-belt-upspring-baby-shrinks-belly-bamboo-charocoal-postpartum-belly

LODAY 2 In 1 Postpartum Recovery Belt

The wrap is made from 100% Latex which is known to be a natural rubber. It give the band elasticity and makes it more stretchable. It do not have Closure closure making it more comfy and easy to wear all day along. It does not have any buttons or hooks it comes on easily and stays in place.

The wrap helps you have a firm and even shaped belly in your postpartum days improving your posture and body look. It supports you belly and relieves back aches and soreness from body.

The length of this band in 29 cm which covers your whole belly area. The material is lightweight it goes unnoticeable so you can feel free to wear it when you have to step out of the house.

It is best for those who are on budget looking of something durable and strong enough to get the work done.

it is available for $9-14 on amazon. If you are planning on buying this one visit the link provided below.

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 loday-potpartum-belt-recovery-2-in-1-  loday-potpartum-belt-recovery-2-in-1-  loday-potpartum-belt-recovery-2-in-1-  loday-potpartum-belt-recovery-2-in-1-



Postpartum Belly Wrap by Postpartum Binder

 This belly belt will make your look the way you want to be. it it help you gain confidence and strength. it is make up of high quality cotton which is good swear absorber. It is lightweight and making it wearable throughout the day.

Moreover, it  is of great help in natural birth and C-section deliveries as well. It shrinks your abdomen avoiding any sagging of body, minimizes the stretch marks and increase healing process.

It has a unique style made for speedy recovery  the 2 build-in soft ribs on the back that allow the postpartum belly band to help aches in back and supports core muscles making you recover fast.

It can be used for multiple purposes like body shaping and body slimming or general fitness.

It comes in four different standard sizes. XS/S:fits waist 24″-27″, S/M:fits waist 25.5″-33″,  L:fits waist 32″-38″ , XL:fits waist 37″-49″.

You can get your hands on it by clicking the link below. Available on Amazon For $15.99 To $17.99.

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postpartum-belly-wrap-potpartum-binder-cotton-breathable-use postpartum-belly-wrap-potpartum-binder-cotton-breathable-use postpartum-belly-wrap-potpartum-binder-cotton-breathable-use postpartum-belly-wrap-potpartum-binder-cotton-breathable-use postpartum-belly-wrap-potpartum-binder-cotton-breathable-use

Waist Trimmer Belt-Postpartum Postnatal Recovery Support

One thing good about this wrap is that is comes in various sizes and shapes. You can choose the one you like and fits properly. It is made up of soft and stretchy material making it suitable for the process.

It is adjustable so mother can change accordingly if she feels it too tight or too lose. The main functions of this wrap are postpartum recovery, body shaper, tummy trainer.

It is recommended to measure you properly before placing an order. These are the sizes available Small: 32″Length*9″Width, Medium: 35″Length*9″Width, Large: 38″Length*9″Width, 1X Large: 42″Length*9″Width, 2X Large: 46″Length*9″Width, 3XXX-Large: 53″Length*9″Width.

Colors available are black, beige and grey. For placing order follow the link below.

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Waist-trimmer-belt-postpartum-postnatal-recovery-support-back. Waist-trimmer-belt-postpartum-postnatal-recovery-support-back. Waist-trimmer-belt-postpartum-postnatal-recovery-support-back. Waist-trimmer-belt-postpartum-postnatal-recovery-support-back.

ProCare Premium Panel Elastic Binder

ProCare binder is designed in a way to give maximum support with the help of elastic support panels, flannel lining which prevents rolling of the band. It is ideal for providing postpartum support and compression to belly and surrounding areas.

Contact closure allows easy adjustment and enables it to fit properly.

It is made from latex-free elastic making it suitable for compression in the belly area.

The dimensions of the product are 12.8 x 4 x 2 inches. It comes in various sizes small/medium, medium/large, X-large,2-large, 3X-large.

The link is provided below if you wish to order this product.

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ProCare-Premium-Panel-Elastic-Binder ProCare-Premium-Panel-Elastic-Binder ProCare-Premium-Panel-Elastic-Binder


BRABIC Seamless Postpartum Belly Band Wrap

The band is made from seamless elastic cotton material which will hug your skin making you look put together and chic. The lightweight band provides the body with compression helping against the post-delivery aches. Four flexible bones cover around the wrap making it not roll up or leave its place. It helps you regain your original body shape. It can be used as a daily intimate for those who want to look slimmer in everyday clothing as well without being noticed.

Sizes available for this product are X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large. This is available on amazon for $14. You can buy it from the link provided below.

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BRABIC-Seamless-Postpartum-Belly-Band-Wrap-flexible-waist- BRABIC-Seamless-Postpartum-Belly-Band-Wrap-flexible-waist- BRABIC-Seamless-Postpartum-Belly-Band-Wrap-flexible-waist- BRABIC-Seamless-Postpartum-Belly-Band-Wrap-flexible-waist-

Belly Bandit – Viscose from Bamboo Postpartum Belly Wrap

Recommended by doctors for mothers who went through C-section, this product provides strong support in waist and hips region. These wraps are designed to help you look slim and feel good about yourself.

Provides targeted compression Latex-free Power Compress Core gives customized compression to areas which require the most. Extra support strengthens your core and improves your posture.

The adjustable feature of the band makes it even better option. You can adjust it according to your needs and comfort level. This wrap is recommended for women with short waist.

It is available in five sizes. XS, S, M, L,Xl. It costs $70 if you are planning on buying it visit the link below.

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Belly-Bandit-Viscose-from-Bamboo-Postpartum-Belly-Wrap Belly-Bandit-Viscose-from-Bamboo-Postpartum-Belly-Wrap Belly-Bandit-Viscose-from-Bamboo-Postpartum-Belly-Wrap

PAZ WEAN Post Belly Band Postpartum Recovery Belt

This belt is the most feminine out of all. It is made up of natural 100% cotton making it lightweight and breathable. The closure has hoops and loops; the three closures gives wide adjustability range. The elastic material makes the compression firm thus leads towards quick recover.

It also helps in shrinking down the belly grown in pregnancy bringing it back to its original shape. The back support of the band helps in improving posture and strengthening the core muscles.

Sizes available are Small Fit Waist 25”-27”; Medium Fit Waist 27”-34”; Large Fit Waist 34”-40”; X-Large Fit Waist 40”-45”.it comes in four different colors.

For purchasing the item click on the link below.

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PAZ-WEAN-Post-Belly-Band-Postpartum-Recovery-Belt-back-stretchable PAZ-WEAN-Post-Belly-Band-Postpartum-Recovery-Belt-back-stretchable PAZ-WEAN-Post-Belly-Band-Postpartum-Recovery-Belt-back-stretchable PAZ-WEAN-Post-Belly-Band-Postpartum-Recovery-Belt-back-stretchable PAZ-WEAN-Post-Belly-Band-Postpartum-Recovery-Belt-back-stretchable

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