HPV Vaccine Pros And Cons : Should My Child Get The HPV Vaccine ?

HPV Vaccine Pros And Cons : Should My Child Get The HPV Vaccine ?

HPV Vaccine Pros And Cons – Human Papillomavirus commonly known as HPV is a viral infection that causes skin or mucous membrane growth. According to an estimate, the virus affects 80 million people in the United States.  There are more than 100 varieties of this virus therefore the effects are different as well. Some types of HPV can cause cancer while the others can cause warts.

There are different types of cancers that have been linked with HPV. The infection can cause cancer in lower part of uterus that connects to the vagina. Some other cancers causes by HPV are anus, penis and vagina cancers.

But what are the causes of this infection? The HPV is usually transmitted from one person to another as a result of skin to skin contact. This skin to skin contact includes sexual contact.

Often the virus is being killed by the immune system present in human body and when it fails to, the warts start appearing on human body. The warts can be of different nature and sizes depending upon the type of infection that a person has.

With the advancement of pharmaceutical industry, the vaccine for the HPV has been developed. These vaccines can prevent the effect of HPV on human body. Center for disease control and prevention recommends that a person should take the vaccine at the age of 11 or 12.

In this article we are going to discuss the HPV Vaccine Pros And Cons along with their prices. In the later part of the article, you will be guided about their intake during pregnancy.

Credit: Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Pros of HPV vaccine

The food and drug administration has approved three vaccines which can be used against the virus.

 These three vaccines are


  • Recommended for girls and boys
  • It prevents type 6, 11, 16 and 18 of the HPV
  • Gardasil prevents vulvar, vaginal and anal cancer and genital warts

Gardasil 9

  • Recommended for both genders
  • It prevents type 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58 of HPV


  • Recommended for girls only
  • It prevents type 16 and 18 of the Virus
  • Cervarix prevent cervical cancer

A person has to take a series of two or three injections through six month.

In United States, out of the above mentioned vaccines Gardasil 9 has been used the most. The prime reason for the increased used is that it protects the humans against most of the types of virus.

Type 16 and 18 of the virus are considered the most dangerous because they can cause anal, cervical or vulvar cancer. While making these vaccines, the type 16 and 18 of the virus have been targeted the most.

Gardasil vaccines can also protect you against strains 6 and 11. Both these strains can cause genital warts.

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  • Cons Of HPV Vaccine

As any other vaccine, HPV vaccines also come with some side effects but they are very rare. In the recent past, no serious side effect has been reported.

The side effects of the vaccine are not common. Different people who consumed the vaccine faced different side effects. Overall the side effects were mild to moderate.

A person who consumed the vaccine might have these effects:

  • The place from where the injection is injected might swell
  • He/she might have slight fever
  • Can cause fatigue
  • Pain in abdomen
  • Muscle pain
  • Join pain
  • Fainting
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Are you consuming the HPV vaccine and have one these symptoms? Don’t panic. It’s normal. Be patient for some time and these symptoms will fade away and if it takes too long, you can consult your doctor to get the best advice.

Some people fear that these vaccines can cause infertility which is completely false.  According to researches made in 2013, 2014 and 2016 the vaccines are as safe as any other vaccine and don’t cause in fertility. The vaccines are rather believed to enhance it in some women.

These studies have also ensured the consumers that they are safe against any risk. Be it long term effects or short term, these vaccines are as safe as any other vaccines and don’t have any permanent side effects.

Vaccine Knowledge Project- University Of Oxford


  • Limited In Function

Another con of these Vaccines is that they are limitation in their functions.

Another con of vaccine against HPV is that they cure specific type of cancers, but not all. As discussed above, there are different types of HPV’s and there effects on human body are also different. Unfortunately these vaccines target only a specific type of cancer.

The vaccines do not cure all types of cancers therefore women have to get regular Pap check for cervical cancer.

Even after consuming the vaccines you are not protected against other sexually transmitted diseases therefore you will have to stick to protective measures such as condemns or any other protection to prevent sexually transmitted disease.

Fig. 1 discrepancies in the evaluation of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Authorities from countries such as Japan and Colombia, made the decision to suspend the vaccination recommendation and re-evaluate the vaccine, due to a significant number of cases of rare or clinically undefined complications after reception of the vaccine. The World Health Organization, on the other hand, evaluated the safety of the vaccine using more defined categories, and made its recommendations based on the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccine. Source: scielo.br


Fig. 2 differences in the response to adjuvants. To overcome the obstacle of low immunogenicity of an antigen, protein-based vaccines often use adjuvants to obtain adequate levels of protection. In individuals with a certain predisposition to the development of autoimmunity, the excessive immune response can trigger autoimmune phenomena. Source: scielo.br
  • CVS HPV Vaccine

If you are interested in getting vaccine for yourself or one of your loved ones, you can get it from the CVS Pharmacy. The Pharmacy has clinics across the US from where you can get yourself vaccinated.

Gardasil has been given as a protective vaccine against the HPV related diseases. CVS has arranged different durations and series of injections for you depending upon your age group.

The people who are between 9 to 14 years get 2 dose series vaccine for the period of six months whereas the people above 15 should get a 3 dose series. So the plan will be customized for you depending upon the age of the person for whom you are getting the vaccine.

The CVS first takes your consent on the series of the dose. If you are comfortable with the 3 dose series, only then they will give to you however, if you feel that 3 dose series would be much of a burden on your body, you can ask them to give you a 2 series dose.

It is recommended that you get yourself vaccinated between the ages of 9 to 26 years because prevention is better than cure.

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  • Walgreens HPV vaccine

The famous Walgreens Pharmacy also has the vaccine available with them. You can locate the your nearest Walgreens pharmacy and visit them. The pharmaceutical chain also has clinics where professional doctors will be available for your services. After consultation from the doctors you can get the best suitable vaccine for yourself.

The dose of the vaccine is similar to that of CVS pharmacy. If you are in the age group of 9-14 you are given two doses for the period of six months whereas if you are above that age, the doctors usually recommend taking three doses. The time period for which you will have to take the dose might vary depending upon your age. Higher the age more will be the time duration of the dose.

  • Who Is Appropriate Candidate For HPV Vaccination

The HPV vaccine is recommended for people who are 11 to 12 year. The vaccination can be start from the age of 9. Ideally the vaccine should be given to children before they get sexual contact with anyone. By providing them vaccination before their sexual contact, the transmission of the virus can be prevented.

Some of you might the fear about early sexual activity if you get your children vaccinated? Relax, there’s no such thing. Researches have shown that there is no connection between puberty and HPV vaccination.

The normal process of sexual activity in the children will come as per normal routine. The vaccination can be a shield against the transmission of HPV. When a child grows, there are high chances that he or she will be involved in sexual encounter. Upon this encounter the probability of transmission of HPV is higher; therefore you should protect your loved ones before they get infected with the virus.

Once someone is infected with the virus, there are chances that the vaccine might not work. Apart from this studies have shown that the vaccine is might affective at younger age.  Due to this reason the people who are older than 15 years of age are given three doses over the period of six months while the younger people are given two doses.

The center for disease control and prevention recommends all the people of age 9 to 26 to get vaccinated if they haven’t already done.

Gardasil, which is used as vaccine against the virus is been, approved the food and drug administration. The approval shows that the vaccine is of no harm and can be used the people who are in the age group of 9 years to 45 years.


  • Cost Of HPV Vaccine

Each dose of HPV vaccine can cost $250. Are you insured? If so, here is good news for you. The HPV vaccination is covered in most of the insurance plans. So if you are planning to get yourself or your children vaccinated, you can claim the cost of vaccination. In case you have already vaccinated yourself or your children, you are still eligible for the claim.

While reading this many of you would have a question in your mind, what if I’m not insured? Don’t worry at all. There are certain programs which can help you get yourself vaccinated at low cost.

Your healthcare is more important than some cash. So, whether you are insured or not, do not let the amount become a barrier in your way of getting vaccinated. Just contact your nearest parenthood health center to get best advice regarding the pricing of the vaccine.

  • HPV Vaccine For Pregnant Women

To be on a safer side, the pregnant women are not advised to take vaccination during pregnancy.

Researches show that the babies of women, who were vaccinated during pregnancy, did not get negative effects of the vaccination. But there is no conclusive research on this topic and we will have to wait until a conclusive research is being made.

If you have already taken one shot of the vaccination you are recommended to do the following:

  • Do not take more shots of the vaccination until you are pregnant
  • Consult the pregnancy registry for best advice.

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