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Pregnancy During The Corona Virus Outbreak: What You Need To Know

Pregnancy During The Corona Virus Outbreak: What You Need To Know

What Is The Coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus is a pathogen that primarily affects the lungs. COVID-19 belongs to the virus family, and scientists recently discovered it because of the outbreak it has caused all around the world. The first infected case of this virus was in the city of Wuhan in China. This virus has crossed all borders in the world and has rapidly spread to other countries like South Korea, Italy, Iran, the UK, the USA, and 150+ different countries. The reason for this virus to spread so readily is because it is droplet borne. It is present in sneeze, cough, or saliva of the infected person.

While the coronavirus is leaving everyone in a state of shock and panic as the death toll rises, but things may not be as severe as they seem. The deaths that are occurring are only in the population that is elderly or was previously immunocompromised. Otherwise, most patients infected with coronavirus have recovered. China has now seen a decrease in the patients of the coronavirus in their hospitals.

Whatever the organism, we must take precautions to avoid infection with this novel virus and observe self-isolation to prevent the disease from further spreading. Even though countries are trying their best to contain the spread of the virus, it is still causing a burden on the healthcare system of countries that have the best healthcare facility in the world.

What Are The Symptoms Of  COVID-19?

If a person gets infected with COVID-19, it will take almost 14 days for the symptoms to show. This  is known as the incubation period, where the virus is multiplying to a certain level that will start showing signs of the infection.

The infection with this virus gives symptoms that are very similar to the flu and cough, but more in severity.

The symptoms of this infection include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
  • Runny nose
  • Sore throat


The Anxiety of Getting Pregnant During Coronavirus:

So far, there is not much data on COVID-19 infection on pregnant women. As we know, COVID-19 is a respiratory infection, so it less likely for it to cause any trouble if you are trying to get pregnant after suffering from the disease. Similar is the case if you get infected by COVID-19 during your pregnancy, then again, there are very fewer chances for you to transfer your infection to your fetus, as the virus is liable only in the lungs. There seems to be no evidence of the corona virus causing  to deformities in the unborn child or some sort of birth complication.

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Is A Pregnant Woman In Danger?

Although, some researchers claim that if a woman is pregnant, then she becomes more prone to acquiring the COVID-19 infection. The reason behind this is still unclear. But one thing is for sure; whether a woman is pregnant or not, nobody is safe from getting infected by this virus.


How May A Pregnancy End?

Some women worry their baby may become infected. Making any predictions at the moment is difficult to do because researchers are still working on it,. From the 9 pregnant women who are infected, it is known that even though there are fewer chances that the pregnancy will end early in a miscarriage, it is still possible that the pregnancy may end before reaching its complete duration, and the fetus may be born preterm if the mother is suffering from a COVID-19 infection.

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What To Do If You Experience Such Symptoms?

If you believe that you are suffering from the corona virus , then it best for you to maintain your distance with everyone else. It is crucial to completely avoid coming in contact with another person as the chances of the spread of this infection are very high, and you need to act responsibly by limiting the spread of the infection to the community.

Once you are in isolation, speak with a doctor about your symptoms and avoid going to the hospital unprepared. Every hospital has its protocol that they follow when a coronavirus patient comes in, therefore, let a team go and pick you up because they will have the right measure to transport you to the hospital without infecting anybody else on the way.

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How To Prevent Infection?

The best thing you can do right now is to stay safe. This is only possible when you adopt all the right habits to protect yourself from the COVID-19 infection.

Here are a few things that are recommended by the experts and that you should do:

  • Wash your hands because your hands are the most common way of getting an infection. If you touch a place that is infected and if you touch yourself, you can very quickly acquire the disease. Practice proper hand cleaning techniques. Use mild soap and water because it kills the organisms better than other methods. Wash your hands very often, especially if you have arrived from the outside, and make sure to wash your hands for at least 20 to 30 seconds each time.


  • Use sanitizer if you do not have soap and water available near you. Experts recommend using an alcohol-based sanitizer. Use the same techniques to rub your hands with sanitizer as the technique you use to wash your hands with soap and water. Under any circumstances, it is preferable to use soap and water over a hand sanitizer.


  • Sneeze or cough in a napkin and do not sneeze or cough directly into your palms or the open air even if it is a regular cough. It is recommended to use a napkin, but if you do not have a napkin with you, then cough in your elbow. This way, the droplets will stay in your elbow and not spread unlike when you cough in our hands and then use touch and infect everything you touch with the unwashed hands. Similarly, when a person coughs in the open air, the organisms stay in the area, while if another person is exposed to your organisms, they will get infected. Therefore, use a napkin to cough then make sure to dispose of it correctly.


  • Drink water to keep yourself well hydrated in such conditions.


  • Disinfect your house with a sanitizer. Every switch, doorknob, cabinet handles, stair railings, and everything that everyone touches needs to be disinfected with a sanitizer multiple time. Such places become a hub for organism colonization. Therefore, we must clean it to prevent the spread of the infection.


  • Stay in isolation whether or not you are infected in any way. To prevent the infection, you need to avoid going to crowded spots. Prevent yourself from getting an infection by going to such places. Only go out when it has become an utmost necessity. Also, avoid travelling to other countries and cities.


  • Do not touch your face in any situation. The T-zone of your face is most prone to allowing an infection in your body. The T-zone, which includes the eyes, nose, and mouth, is the most common way for any organism to enter your body. If you visit a place that has organisms in the environment, they might get inside your body via the nose. But if you touch an infected spot, and unknowingly rub your eyes, eat with those hands, clean your nose or ear, then the virus can easily get inside and invade.

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