Can Precum Cause Pregnancy ? Full Fact Sheet

Can Precum Cause Pregnancy ? Full Fact Sheet

Can precum cause pregnancy? This is a common question that many people ask, especially those who are sexually active and want to avoid unintended pregnancy. Precum, also known as pre-ejaculate or pre-cum, is a fluid that is released from the penis during sexual arousal before ejaculation. While it does not contain sperm in most cases, there is still a possibility of pregnancy if precum comes into contact with the vagina or enters the reproductive tract. In this article, we will explore the factors that determine the likelihood of pregnancy from precum and discuss the various methods of contraception that can help prevent it.

Can Precum Cause pregnancy?

If you are hoping to avoid pregnancy using the withdrawal method then you might be wondering is it possible to get pregnant precum. Precum or pre-ejaculation is a whitish fluid that comes out from the penis of men during the arousal before the full-ejaculation. The fluid looks very similar to semen but there is a lot of difference in the properties.

Many people have doubts about the existence of sperm in precum. Can Precum Cause Pregnancy ? The answer to this question is yes, the sperms do exist in precum but the chances of getting pregnant from it are less. Four out of hundred women have become pregnant due to precum.

But the efficiency of withdrawal method is still under question as it can cause unwanted pregnancy. There is a lot of misinformation about the topic therefore in this article we are going to discuss in detail about the withdrawal method and the chances of getting pregnant if you use this technique.

Do sperms lives inside the precum?

There are sperm cells living inside the precum. This does not always happen and the chances of sperm living in the precum are rare but if a sperm exists, there are high chances that it can cause pregnancy. There was a research being conducted on the existence of sperm cells in precum. Samples from 42 men were taken, 17 % of the samples contained moving sperm cells.

Research is not conclusive about the question of how do sperm cells mix with the precum but it is assumed that they are leaked to precum from seminal vessel where they are stored.

When does Precum occur?

Precum is something that is not in the control of men. It is a bodily fluid that is being released from the penis of a man before ejaculation. As the release of fluid is not in control of men therefore the withdrawal method is not as safe as other pregnancy protection methods such as condoms or pills are.

Some people think that they can prevent pregnancy is they pull out before the climax however this is not the case. The precum would have already entered your partner’s vagina even before the climax. According to a research, 18 percent of the couples who use the withdrawal method are vulnerable to pregnancy.

According to feminist women health center, the withdrawal is 73 Percent effective in preventing pregnancy but why would one want to fall in the category of those 27 percent Couple who are vulnerable to unwanted pregnancy?

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Can Precum cause pregnancy if you aren’t ovulating?

The sure and short answer to this question is yes.

 Although pregnancy is most likely to happen when you’re ovulating but sperm can live inside your body for as long as five days.  The sperm might have entered your reproductive system through Precum when you were not ovulating. But there are high chances that will remain in your reproductive system for five days and will cause pregnancy when you are ovulating.

Ovulation usually happens 14 days prior to your next period, around the middle of menstrual cycle. If you have sex for five days before ovulation happens there are high chances that you will get pregnant.  The females who face the issue of irregular periods have difficulty in tracking their ovulation and fertility timings; therefore they have high chances of becoming pregnant.

How to I know if I’m pregnant

Unfortunately you will not be able to know about your pregnancy for two to three weeks after having sex. The next of sex you might want to take your pregnancy test but it won’t be effective. It takes at least ten days for embryo to plant itself into uterine wall and produce enough pregnancy hormones which can be detected through pregnancy tests.

The people fear unwanted pregnancy therefore they start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy but it has nothing to do with reality.  These feelings are generated due to psychological impact therefore they cannot be trusted. The truth of the story is that you can sense pregnancy by feeling it unless you conduct a test. So the best option you have is to wait for at least ten days or observe your period timings. If they are delayed you can go for a pregnancy test.

What Contraception Options Do You have?

The pull out method isn’t effective but if you have been using it, the emergency contraception can be handy in your medicine cabinet.

The emergency contraception can help in preventing the pregnancy for five after you had sex. Do you wonder how it works? It actually delays the ovulation so that you the chances of getting pregnant are lesser. It basically prevents the developed/ mature egg from getting released so that it cannot get fertile. By far the emergency contraception is the best technique you have if you are having unprotected sex and you want to avoid pregnancy.

Here are two best Emergency contraception options you have:

Hormonal EC Pills

The hormonal EC pills are most effective if you take them within 72 hours of unprotected sex. As the pills deal with the hormones in a female body, they have some side effects too.

Side of effects of taking hormonal EC pills:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Breast tenderness
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

The EC pills are easily available at your nearest drugstore and will cost around $20 to $50 depending upon the manufacturing brand of pill.


Emergency IUD Contraception

The Copper T  Intra-Uterine Device (IUD) that also be used to prevent pregnancy as an emergency contraception.  The IUD emergency contraception device can be useful for preventing pregnancy up to 99 percent which makes it safer than the EC pills.

The doctors can inset the coper-T IUD up to five days of unprotected sex for avoiding the pregnancy. The device can last for up to 12 years.

This method can be best suitable for the people who are insured as most of the insurance plans cover Copper-T IUD at a reduced cost or even free. However if you are not insured it can cost you huge amount.  The steep cost of insertion can be somewhere $500 to $1000.

When to take a home pregnancy Test

The withdrawal method has been a risk. As discussed earlier, the precum can go inside the vagina and cause pregnancy. So if you have been doing unprotected sex in the past few days and you have observed the symptoms of pregnancy in your body, you can take a home test to be sure about it.

These are the very obvious symptoms which pregnancy:

  • You’ve missed your periods
  • You have cramps
  • Your breasts hurt
  • You start feeling different

As soon as you observe these symptoms in yourself you must take a pregnancy test at home. Taking a pregnancy test will not only guide you about your actual position but it will also help you take the further necessary steps in case you are pregnant.

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When to see your doctor

After getting the results from the home test, you must consult your doctor. If the test is positive, the information is accurate in most the cases but the case for negative result is different, the negative test results might not be much reliable. There are various factors which might have affected the results for example if you are taking some medication they might have affected the results. So the best way is to consult your doctor.

Your doctor will take your blood and urine samples to determine the pregnancy. If you are pregnant you must talk with the doctor about the possible options that you have.

The bottom line

Your chances of getting pregnant from precum are lesser but if you are into the withdrawal method you must be worried to know that there are 14 to 24 percent chances of pregnancy in this method which means that for every five time you have sex, there are chances that you will become pregnant. Therefore you must have emergency contraception drug at home to deal it. Moreover you must consider some more reliable methods if you want to avoid pregnancy.

You must also continue to take pregnancy test at home and if you are pregnant you must talk to your doctor about the future options that you have.

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