What Is A Geriatric Pregnancy : ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

What Is A Geriatric Pregnancy ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

A pregnancy which occurs when a women is above the age of thirty five is often called as geriatric pregnancy. The doctors have showed concerns about pregnancy at this age as there are several risks being associated with it. Nonetheless there are hundreds of successful delivery cases above the age of thirty five. The point is that, getting pregnant at this age might increase the chances of getting harm.

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What Classes As A Geriatric Pregnancy AGE?

When we hear the word geriatric, elderly comes into our minds. Thus we can clearly understand that the term geriatric pregnancy is being associated with giving birth to a child at an elderly age. The term geriatric pregnancy evolved decades ago.

The term has its roots back in the history when women were married at a young age. As a result the reproductive process had started much earlier. But as we read, most of the women give birth to their first child at the age of 26-27 or even later. As the process continues the women are expected to give birth to their second or third child much later than thirty five. So the question is, are the all at risk? Definitely no. but the chances of miscarriage and complications can increase due to her higher age.

According to center for disease control and prevention, the average mean of women giving birth to their first child is 26.9 however more women give birth to their child in the later part of their life. Moreover the number of women getting pregnant between the ages of 40 to 45 has double since the 2000.

Primarily things have evolved much. The term geriatric pregnancy was advocated when the family system was different. The women used to get pregnant at early age and while celebrating their 35th birthday, they were in much weaker position as compared to women of today. Secondly the development of technology has decreased the risks associated with geriatric pregnancy thus making it safe.

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The risks Of A Geriatric pregnancy

  • A woman in thirties is more likely to have preexisting health conditions which might affect pregnancy: Dr. Gaither, a famous gynecologist advised that there are number of risk factors which can affect the health of a woman when she is pregnant at older age. Women in their late thirties might have associated co-morbid conditions which can impact their pregnancies. Moreover having pre health conditions like diabetes and blood pressures can increase complications when carrying a baby.


  • Advanced maternal age can affect the baby weight: Giving birth to a child in your late thirties can affect the baby. The baby might have a premature birth or might have lesser weight than average new born babies. The premature birth will affect the health conditions of the baby and might have to stay in hospital for long.


  • Babies with Down syndrome: Studies have indicated that a baby can have chromosomal conditions such a down syndrome when the mother is in late thirties. However there have been opposite beliefs regarding this. Some scholars advocate that there is a positive relation between maternal age and chromosomal conditions while others tend to neglect this relation.


  • The rate of Miscarriage is higher:  The presence of abnormal number of chromosomes in a developing embryo can cause a person’s body to abort the pregnancy. Dr. Gaither explained that as the chances of this abnormal chromosome presence are expect in the older women, therefore the chances of miscarriage are higher.


  • Increased risk of complications during delivery: According to the national health sciences if the maternal age lies in late thirties she is expected to face more complications during her delivery. These complications include assistance in delivery and prolonged labor.


  • Cesarean section: if you are in your late thirties your chances of giving virginal birth are lower than a woman who is in her twenties. According to national institute of health, women with older age are more likely to have cesarean delivery.


  • Older parents are more likely to have multiples: Dr. Gaither observed that older maternal age results in birth of twins. Though some people might prefer twins but the gynecologists are of the opinion that giving birth to multiples increases the risk of complications during delivery. Apart from this, there are higher chances of blood pressure, miscarriage, anemia and post-delivery bleeding.

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Obese Geriatric pregnancy

Initially we need to understand what obese pregnancy is? Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity can affect the health both mother and the baby.

Geriatric obese pregnancy is when a woman is pregnant in her late thirties with excessive body fats. Geriatric obese pregnancy has double effect on the baby and the mother. Along with other serious health conditions, it can cause complications during delivery of the baby.

How geriatric obesity Affects pregnancy

  • The risk of miscarriage, stillbirth, and recurrent miscarriage is increased during geriatric obese pregnancy.
  • The pregnancy can cause serious health conditions after birth of the baby. For example the pregnancy can damage other organs of the maternal body.
  • Cardiac dysfunction
  • Sleep apnea
  • A very difficult delivery

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How geriatric pregnancy affects the baby

  • As the size of mother is more than average therefore it can result in obesity in the new born.
  • It can result in birth defects
  • Most importantly, the defects in body of the new born will not be detectable due to obesity.

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