Safe Pregnancy Workout – When Should You Not Do An Exercise?

Safe Pregnancy workout – When Should You Not Do An Exercise?

Pregnancy workout

Staying physically active is always a preference unless it is not recommended. Women who love to workout or stay physically active also like to stay active even when they get pregnant. There are many reasons why it is beneficial for you to remain physically active and follow safe pregnancy workout.

A good daily exercise will help you stay active and fresh.It will help you in your symptoms in pregnancy like backaches, swelling of your feet, and even indigestion.

The point of focus is that whether or not you did workout before your pregnancy, you ought to follow a light workout schedule after you get pregnant. But it would be best if you always connected with your doctor about this and so that they can make sure you are fit enough to exercise.

Also, it is wise for you to stick to light exercises. Pregnancy is not the time to do vigorous activities. Even if you did heavy workouts when you were not pregnant, during pregnancy, you need to do consider moderation safe pregnancy workout and do not overdo exercises to avoid any harm to yourself or your baby.

You need to consider doing exercises during your pregnancy if you did not do exercises previously.

Aerobics Is Preferred Exercise During Pregnancy

You should also bear in mind that activities like Aerobics are the most preferred exercise during pregnancy, and you should altogether avoid going for strenuous workouts.

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When Should You Not Do An Exercise?

There are many benefits of exercising during pregnancy, but only when you have no other complications. There are certain conditions when your doctor would suggest you rest, and they will also ask you altogether avoid doing any kind of exercise. In these conditions, sometimes the doctor may even ask you to go for complete bed rest.

  • If the placenta is lying low, usually, the placenta is attached to the upper part of the uterus. If the placenta is attached to the lower part of the uterus, then there are many chances that the placenta may come off during the pregnancy. This is why the doctor would advise you to keep your physical activity minimum.



  • Miscarriage. If you have a history where you have had multiple miscarriages, then again, it is not advisable or you to exercise. Instead, it would be best if you went for a complete bed rest.


  • Weak cervical opening. As the baby grows, the cervix has to bear the weight of the baby. But if the cervix is not compatible with the pressure, then the cervix my collapse and result in a miscarriage. Therefore, if you have a weak cervix, then do not exercise at all.


  • Other conditions like diabetes, heart conditions, or respiratory conditions, then exercises are contraindicated.


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Pregnancy Workouts for Every Trimester :

·      1st trimester:

Stand with your legs hip-width and hold dumbbells in each of your hands. Lower your body in squat position keeping your butts parallel to the ground. Repeat this for at least 15 times. This will help in tightening your chest and core muscles.

Work sideways plank and put your body weight on your left hand and leg while keeping your left leg bend behind you and rested on the ground using your left knee. Stretch out your right hand and leg and close them together. Do this on both sides and 12 times each.

Get down on all your fours using both your knees to rest on the ground. Extend both your right hand and right leg together with your right hand in front of you and the right leg behind you. Repeat this for 15 times on each side.

·      2nd trimester:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold dumbbells in each hand. Stretch your hand above your head, then parallel with your shoulders and down parallel to your body.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your body at your knees. Hold dumbbells in each hand and fan out both your arms at your side and bring them close in front of you. Repeat this 15 times.

Start with your right leg stretched behind and your left leg in front of you and bend at the knee. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and rest your left hand on your left knee. Stretch your right hand in front of you and bend at the elbow repeatedly. Repeat this at least 15 each side.

·      3rd trimester:

Stand with your feet apart wider than the hip-width. Hold one dumbbell vertically with both hands. Bend yourself at the knees and lower your body till you are parallel with the ground. Repeat this is for 15 times.

Stand straight with your dumbbells in both of your hands. Bend your body at the right hip joint and bend your upper body forward as you stretch your right leg back. Do this 15 times and repeat this with your left leg.

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Cardio During Pregnancy:

The best exercises during your pregnancy are doing good cardio, which includes swimming, walking, stair climbing, and kickboxing.

·      Swimming 

Swimming in water helps relieves many troubles like nausea, sciatic pain, or swollen ankles because water makes you feel light, and you can quickly move around. Just be careful with the slippery ground.

·      Walking

The light walk is the best form of exercise. It does not require you to go to the gym. You just have to go out and start walking. Do not go for vigorous walking. Just walking around can make your body refreshed and active.

·      Stair climbing 

You can carefully go for stair climbing. Make sure you are careful with every step you take. Stair climbing is one of the most effective ways for physical activities.

·      Kickboxing

Look for kickboxing that is specific for pregnant women so that kickboxing does not cause any harm to you or your belly.

Pregnancy Workout Guidelines

If you are following a routine workouts program before your pregnancy, you need to be capable of manage that program to some extent throughout your pregnancy. The workout is not going to improve the possibility of miscarriage in a normal low-risk pregnancy. The main thing is always to discuss these types of pregnancy workout guidelines together with your Trainer or doctor and they will help you to set up the best routine for you.

  • In case you are simply starting a workout program as a way of enhancing your health and fitness during your pregnancy, you need to get started very slowly and gradually and also be careful to not overexert by yourself. Look at a prenatal yoga workout class that is created specifically for pregnant women.
  • Pay attention to your body. Because Your whole body will naturally offer you signs that it is time for you to cut down the level of workout you’re performing.
  • Certainly not workout to the point of tiredness or even breathlessness. Because this is really a signal that your baby, as well as your body, can not get the oxygen they require.
  • Put on comfortable workout shoes or sneakers that provide a strong ankle and also arch support.
  • Remember to take frequent breaks, as well as drink a good amount of water during exercise.
  • Stay away from exercising throughout extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Prevent rocky terrain and also unstable floor while running or bicycling. Your joint parts tend to be laxer in pregnancy, therefore ankle sprains and also other injuries may occur.
  • Get in touch with sports activities ought to be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Weight training exercise should focus on improving tone, specifically in the upper body as well as the abdominal area. Stay away from weight lifting above your head and using weights that strain the lower back muscles.
  • Throughout the second and also third trimesters, stay away from exercise which involves lying flat on your back because it decreases blood circulation to the uterus.
  • Consist of relaxation and also stretching before & after your workout program.
  • Eat a nutritious diet that includes a good amount of fresh fruits, vegetables, and also complex carbohydrates.

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