15 Pregnancy Must Haves Essential Items-Complete List

15 Pregnancy Must Haves Essential Items-Complete List

Pregnancy is a new experience for most women. No matter how wonderful it is, all women will agree that it is a very challenging part of their lives. The bodily changes that occur, along with the emotional turmoil that is happening in mind, can make things very chaotic needlessly.

We are here to solve some of your problems by giving you a list of Pregnancy Must Haves with you so that it can become a tad smoother to bare. Below are 15 Pregnancy Must Haves with you all the time to make yourself comfortable.

15 Pregnancy Must Haves

  • Comfortable shoes:

Comfortable shoes become a must, especially during the last trimester. This is mainly because as the baby is growing, the extra weight is becoming an extra effort for your feet. It may become harder and harder for you to walk around in your regular shoes. As the baby is growing, your feet will become more swollen and painful. Therefore, it is recommended for you to get comfy shoes like slippers or flats that will help you move around more easily.

  • Antacids:

A prevalent problem most pregnant women have to throw during this period and definitely one of the most uncomfortable ones. As your baby is growing in your womb, the baby is pushing on to all of your organs, including your stomach. The stomach is squeezed and is forced to regurgitate the content it has in itself. When this happens, you feel sudden heartburn that is a very obnoxious feeling to have. As a solution, always keep an antacid with you to tackle the heartburn promptly.

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  • Maternity clothes:

All the clothes before your pregnancy will be no more of use when you get big in size. With the growing belly, you need clothes that will keep you comfortable all the time. This includes loose maternity clothes that allow you to move around easily and also that will accommodate your growing baby.

Other the other hand, you need maternal leggings, which are basically stockings that will help in keeping your blood flowing. As you grow, the blood flow to your lower extremities is reduced; hence, the hose compresses on your vessel to keep blood flowing smoothly. Remember to buy stockings high enough to cover your thighs and waist.

When you become pregnant, you will have a lot more discharge release than your regular days. There will be a lot more fluid and leakage, which is why it is suggested to buy a cotton panty rather than a lace panty so that a breathable panty can help you feel comfortable.

  • Water bottle:

It is crucial for every pregnant woman to stay hydrated throughout her pregnancy, so you eliminate the swelling in her body, which is why it becomes vital for a pregnant woman to carry a water bottle with her wherever she goes.

Drinking much water during pregnancy also becomes more critical because of the fact that pregnant women tend to get urinary treat infections very easily, and it is one of the widespread complaints women have during their antenatal visits to the doctor. She complains of burning urination, and the best way out of this is to drink much water.

The huge belly becomes a hurdle in comfortable sleep. You are fidgety and find it harder to sleep with the belly, becoming a burden on your back and the organs when you lie down. Studies show that it is best for women to sleep on their sides. Therefore, it is recommended for pregnant women to use a pillow between their legs when they are sleeping on their sides. This helps in moving the baby weight away from your organs when you lie straight.

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  • Prenatal vitamins:

With the extra nutrients required in a woman’s body, it becomes essential for her to take prenatal vitamins regularly. The added supplements will help replenish all the deficiencies in your body and also to fulfill the requirements of your growing baby. The iron and folic acid are essential minerals that you need for the better development of your baby. It may become uncomfortable to consume these prenatal vitamins because it may make you nauseated. Therefore, you should ask your doctor to prescribe you prenatal vitamins.

  • Comfy pajamas

Who does want to stay comfortable during their pregnancy duration? With a big belly, women find it increasingly hard even to stand up or sit comfortably. Cozy pajamas will help a pregnant woman feel more relaxed than in clothes that are tight and fancy.

  • Comfy cotton bra

Several changes happen to a pregnant woman’s breasts. More importantly, she will tell that her breasts feel fuller and more prominent. She will also feel her breasts are more tender than usual. Hence, wearing a comfy cotton bra will not only allow the skin to breathe but will also help in supporting the changes occurring in the breasts.

  • Oil for stretch marks

As the belly skin stretches, it leaves behind stretch marks that are often very unpleasant for a woman. With the use of good bio-oil, the stretch marks may significantly reduce over the period of the pregnancy and even after the delivery of the baby to completely erase the stretch marks.

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  • A good body lotion

A good lotion will help in keeping your skin moisturized. With the growing belly, a pregnant woman will feel a constant urge to itch her abdomen due to dehydrated skin. Hence, use a lotion multiple times during the day to keep yourself safe from the irritation on your skin.

  • Pregnancy books

Most of the time, women who get pregnant for the first time get anxious over their situation and find it hard to find answers. It is best for a pregnant woman to sit in a community or get help from people who have been through this for emotional support. Or she can also buy books to read about pregnancy and how it affects the life of a woman.

  • Herbal tea

Keeping your mind relaxed and calm should be your first priority; therefore, an excellent herbal tea helps you relax during the day and keep your mind refreshed all day long. Get a good herbal tea and drink it often during the day to keep yourself alert and going.

The growing belly becomes harder for you to carry as the weight increases. Buying a belly belt will support your growing belly, and it will make it much easier for you to walk and move around with your belly well supported.

Thoroughly think of what you would need when you go to the hospital to deliver your baby. It will make the situation much easier for you to have a bag ready so that you can just pick it up and leave in the case of an emergency.

Consider keeping

  • pads
  • bras
  • a change of clothes
  • baby dresses and diapers
  • something to eat
  • pain killers
  • toothbrush
  • a book to keep your mind off the anxiety

and anything that comes to your mind that you find should be a necessity then add it to your hospital bag.


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