C-Section Cesarean Section Risks : Frequently Asked Questions

C-Section Cesarean Section : Frequently Asked Questions Procedure & Risks

C section is also known as cesarean delivery. It is a surgical way to deliver a baby. It is done by performing incision in the mother’s abdomen, and the uterus. C section is a standard procedure to deliver babies other than giving natural birth. Only in US 1/3 rd of babies are delivered through c-section.

When to do c section?

C sections are done after 39 weeks of pregnancy. A child is fully developed in a womb at 39 weeks. If a c section is done before that, it can cause many complications.

Why is the c section done?

Usually, a c section is done when it is not possible to deliver the baby through vaginal birth. Many complications can arise in pregnancy, and c section is done when natural birth doesn’t seem fit in that situation. Although, according to your condition in pregnancy, a doctor can decide about c section early, there can be different reasons to do a c section.

If your baby has health and development conditions or if the baby’s head too big to come out from the birth canal, then the doctor will go for c section delivery.

The position of the baby also plays an important role in deciding the way of birth if the baby is breech or transverse than obviously, doctors will not deliver that baby normally.

Sometimes mother’s health also contributes to the decision of c section if a mother has high blood pressure, unstable heart disease, or have genital herpes than it safe for the mother also to deliver a baby through c section.

Previous c section deliveries further make it harder to deliver the baby normally. Different complications like placenta abruption, placenta previa, problems with an umbilical cord, reduced oxygen supply to the baby, and slow labor can also result in c section delivery.

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How long do you bleed after a c section?

After c section, bleeding for two to six weeks is normal and natural. This bleeding is called lochia and happens after delivery, whether vaginal or c section. It comes from the womb, where the placenta was attached. The bleeding can be heavy in the first few days and will reduce gradually within weeks. After breastfeeding, the bleeding can become heavier again. It happens due to the contraction of the womb.

Risks involved in c section

Although c section is getting a common way of delivering a baby, it has certain risks involved. These risks can be heavy bleeding, the formation of blood clots, or breathing problems for children when c-section is done before 39 weeks. C section also increases your risk for future pregnancies. Other risks include infection, injury to a child, or other body organs or other complications like adhesion and hernia. The recovery time after c section is comparatively longer than vaginal birth. That is why vaginal birth is still the preferred way of delivering a baby.

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How long do you stay in the hospital after a c section?

You have to stay for three days in the hospital after c section. During your stay at a hospital, doctors will encourage you to walk around as it will help in the prevention of blood clots formation and constipation. Your doctors will also guide you about breastfeeding position to avoid further pain after delivery.

When can I take a bath after c section?

Taking a bath after c section is recommended only when the incision is healed. Your body should not engage in water before that. You also bleed after c section. So with all this bleeding and wound, a bath is not a good option right after c section. But you can cleanse your body parts with a wet towel to freshen up yourself.

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When can you drive after a c section?

You cant drive for about four to six weeks after c section. Your wound must have healed before you start driving. You are driving before proper recovery can cause sharp pain during driving. Also, it is not safe to drive when your body is still in the healing process.

How long after a c section can you have sex?

After c section, you have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks to get intimate with your partner again. After your follow up checkup, your doctor will check your health and wound condition and will recommend your sex after ensuring that your wound is healing properly.

Your body needs time, so don’t rush in things and take the proper time to heal up. Sex is allowed only when your body is fit to do so, but you can show some love to your partner by even just holding hands.

When the doctor permits you to do sex still, you can face some problems like many women get issues with vaginal lubrication or breasts start leaking when they try to get intimate with partners. These are common issues and will go away with time.

What happens if you get pregnant right after a c section?

The doctor doesn’t recommend getting pregnant again right after c section. Should wait at least six months before planning another baby. Getting pregnant right after c section can cause many complications like the ruptured uterus or low birth weight.

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Can you have a vaginal birth after a c section?

You can have a vaginal birth after c section, but it depends on many things. 7 out of 10 women can successfully give vaginal birth after having a c section. Vaginal birth after c section is called VBAC. If your pregnancy is healthy and your incision was low in the previous c section than there are chances of VBAC. But doctors will recommend you VBAC according to your health conditions. Your chances for VBAC get more if you previously had a vaginal birth, or you only had one c section with low horizontal cut. The health of your baby also contributes to VBAC.

Chances for VBAC increases when your labor starts on its own. It is not safe to have VBAC if you are obese, have heart problems or preeclampsia, your baby is large, and if you previously had surgery on the uterus, The difference between your two deliveries must be 18 months otherwise it is not an excellent option to have VBAC.

When can I exercise after a c section? 

Exercise or strenuous activity is strictly banned for the first few weeks after c section. Your body needs time to heal up, and you should not get involved in any activity that can delay your healing or rupture your wound.C section is major surgery and requires a lot of care afterward. So wait for at least six weeks, and after that, start from light exercise. Vigorous training is still not recommended for few months.

Get a flat stomach after a c section? 

You definitely want to lose belly fat after c section, but always keep it in mind that it can’t happen overnight. You need patience and continuous hard work. Healing can take weeks for some women and months for others, so before starting exercise, you should consult your doctor.

Start with light stomach exercises and make your routine. Keep a check on your diet and exercise regime. If you want to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach after c section, then start breastfeeding your baby as it helps you in getting your body back in shape. Use postpartum belt after c section to give support to your muscles so that they don’t get lose after c section.

 Get enough sleep as it will help in making your hormones normal and relieve stress. 

Keep yourself hydrated. Make a proper diet chart, and avoid eating unhealthy and junk food. Use natural detox drinks to cleanse your body. 

Planks and kegel exercises are best for tummy reduction. Do postpartum exercises and listen to your body. Don’t rush for things. Losing after c section can be time taking, but once you have started your journey, sooner or later, you will surely get your desired results.

What to expect after a c section?

C section is a surgical method to deliver baby out from the uterus. Recovery after c section takes time, and you can expect continuous progress after a c section. Here is what to expect after having a c section? 

Right after the delivery 

a woman will be given either an epidural or spinal block. This numbs down the body, and the person remains awake. Right after birth, it can take several hours to regain feeling. During this period, a woman will not be allowed to walk or go to the bathroom without assistance. If a woman is given general anesthesia, she may feel nauseous or scared after she comes out of anesthesia. 

The first 24 hours after c section 

The first 24 hours after c section are important, and a woman needs proper assistance and care during the early 24 hours. Overweight women can develop blood clots in their legs, so they may need special cuffs to keep the blood moving in their bodies. During the first 24 hours, it is common to feel post-birth cramps. Women may feel pain in their incision. Doctors will carefully monitor the patient to see for any signs of infection and keep check of vaginal bleeding. Bleeding can last up to six weeks and is heaviest in the first 24 hours. 

First few weeks after c section

A woman is more likely to get an infection in the first few weeks after c section. Hemorrhage can also occur at this time.

The incision may feel painful for the first few weeks, so that doctors will prescribe medicines and painkillers for that. If stitches are not dissolvable, than the doctor will remove them after 8 to 10 days of a c section. Long term recovery body can take months to heal up after c section. 

Your struggle continues for a few months after having a cesarean. You can’t lift heavy things, it is nearly impossible to hold urine, and you may keep feeling pain in your c section area. But with proper care, your body will heal with time.

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