TOP 15 Best Newborn APPS With Links To Download

TOP 15 Best Newborn Tracking And Schedule APPS With Links To Download

Having a baby brings a lot of joy and happiness into the family along with the sleepless nights, backaches, and restlessness, especially if you are a new parent. Over the past few decades, life has taken a 180° turn. People have become busier now! As a result, there is less time for minute details. However, a newborn’s health is a top priority of the parents.   

Fortunately, we live in an era where there is a problem; there is an app for it.

In this blog, we have gathered 15 best baby tracking apps which will take the weight off your shoulder and make your life a lot easier. The apps will record all of your child’s essential information for doctors and caregivers so that you don’t miss out on anything important.   

How will a baby tracking app help you?   

Here is how having a newborn baby tracker will reduce your burden and make you enjoy parenthood.   

  • You no longer have to remember everything. As a parent, especially a mother, you have to remember feeding times, sleeping schedule, diaper changing, medications, doctor visits allergies and whatnot. Baby tracking apps will ease your hustles. All you got to do is download the app and enter the details in the beginning. Later on, you can check the app to look for whichever information you require. You can also turn on the notifications to get the regular updates.   
  • You can observe your child’s growth. These tracking apps will record the data and present them in the form of charts and graphs. You will get to compare and monitor your baby’s development. For example, you can see how much weight your baby has gained in specific months. What exceptional food you were giving to him/her. What effect sleeping time has on your child’s health and many other small changes.   
  • Sickness and problems can also be monitored and eliminated. The apps will help you in keeping track of your child’s health. It becomes tough with newborn babies; they cannot speak for themselves, so they cry! New parents who have no previous experience gets panicked and rush towards hospitals. The baby tracker will help you in observing what your child ate and what can be the cause of distress.
  • The baby tracking apps will help in making a memory diary. For mothers, their child is the apple of their eye. They love taking photos at all times. These baby trackers will provide you with amazing tools and features where you can upload pictures, make collages and frames. Later you can look through the memory lane and enjoy the small moments of happiness.



15 Best Baby tracking Apps of 2023

Here is the list of best newborn apps 2020, the guide will help choose the best baby tracking app for the newcomer.   

  • Baby Tracker by Amila   

With a 4.9 rating over 61.5K reviews, Baby Tracker is considered as one of the favorites amongst the newborn tracking apps. This app is trendy and has a good reputation. It is modest and does the job quite well besides the fact that it is free. The app is made for android and iPhone users.   

The app allows you to track your baby’s feeding schedule, know when your baby needs to be feed. It is the best breastfeeding newborn app you can ever ask for. Now you will never forget which breast you last feed on. Moreover, if you are feeding with the formula, it will work as a bottle-feeding tracker by notifying you. Besides this, you can log your baby’s sleep session and understand the sleeping patterns.   

Furthermore, you can keep track of your child’s growth. Infant tracker will help you with baby’s weight, height, and head; compare the results with WHO standards. The child’s medication, vaccination, and regular temperature can also be recorded. The baby tracking app will also work as a dipper tracker. It will help you track how many diapers your child goes through in a day.   

Download for iPhone   

Download for Android   

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  • WebMD Baby   

 WebMD is the baby tracking app which provides a wholesome content which is medically approved to keep your baby healthy and happy. You can track your child’s progress and get the pediatrician’s advice all in one place. The contemporary outlay of the app and the beautifully organized articles and baby care information attracts the audience and makes them stick to the app.  

WebMD helps you to record your baby’s growth and development and keep your toddler on track. It is one of the best feeding apps; it allows you to record all solids and bottle feed. It also keeps a note on breastfeeding logs. Besides this, you can also use it as a sleeping and diaper log app. The app claims that it is like a pediatrician in your pocket.  

 You can sync your phone with friends and family to share your baby’s growth with them. The baby book feature is like a baby diary; you can record all the firsts of your child from their first sonogram to their first words and beyond. The app offers to ask a pediatrician option where you can watch videos with WebMD’s entrusted professionals on caring for your baby.  

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Download for Android  

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  • Ovia Parenting   

Ovia is a well-renowned app amongst the best baby tracking apps. This app for newborns will provide you with statistics for baby’s feeding, eating sleeping, and diaper changing schedule. You can record your child’s growth and development. The app will help you in record data not just for one infant. So, if you have twins, triplets, or more kiddos in the house, the app will keep you updated with the baby’s daily log. You can also invite people such as family, friends, or baby sitters and share your child’s development with them.   

Furthermore, the baby schedule tracker will keep a record of all types of feeding; breastfeeding, bottled feeding, and even solid foods. It will help you in keeping track of your child’s feeding pattern. You can also find informative articles and guidelines according to the age of your toddler. This will be quite useful, specifically if you are a new parent. Besides this, the baby tracker allows you to upload images and videos and keep it as a memory journal.   

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Download for Android   

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  • Baby Tracker   

NIGHP software’s baby tracking app is said to be amongst the best baby schedule app. The application offers basic as well as premium versions. But the basic version which is free of cost provides amazing features. The app is simple yet powerful. They are designed for busy parents so they can keep a check on their newborns at all times.   

The tracking app is easy to use and has various features. You can keep the record of eating, sleeping, dipper with just one tap. Motherhood has its ups and downs. There will be days when you want to give up on everything in those situations it’s better to have something which can remind you of the happy memories. The app will store all your data to form a progress report. Looking at those small changes will give you strength and encouragement.   

It will help you in organizing your time and keeping track of your daily activities. The newborn app allows you to sync your data from different devices so you can always have access to the application. You can also connect your account to your email so that data is backed up in case if your device is out of order.   

Download for iPhone   

Download for Android   


  • Eat Sleep  

Eat Sleep is a simple logging and tracking app for parents to follow up with the newborn’s daily routine. That daily ritual consists of eating sleeping and pooping. This baby tracker will do the job for you on one tap. The app is designed by a first-time mom who kept the needs of the new mommies in mind.  

This infant tracking app allows you to enter events that take place throughout the day quickly. The app tracks breastfeed and bottle feed logs. You can record how long and on which side your kiddo feed the last time. Measurements for the bottle feed the baby consumed can be entered. Sleeping time and routine can also be tracked. For diaper check how many diapers were wet dirty or both. This is useful for breastfeeding mothers so they can track if the baby has enough food.  

You can evaluate data on daily, weekly, and monthly bases to make sure there aren’t potential health issues. The notes feature provides you with an option to track anything of your choice from baby baths to doctor’s appointments. The app is only available on iOS.  

Download for iPhone  


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  • Glow Baby   

 Glow baby is a free baby tracker that documents the daily activities of your child. It is amongst the best newborn apps in 2020. This baby tracker will follow up with the daily entries and give you the bigger picture of your baby’s development.  

With the feeding tracker, you can check how often your baby eats, how much sleep they get as well as how many diapers go through in a day. Knowing your toddler’s pattern will help you in organizing your day. Besides this, you will be able to see how much your baby has grown at a specific time. The app also connects you with a community of other mothers. You can learn a lot from experienced mothers and professionals who are also available to give you advice. Other than this, you can make a small memory folder of your child’s every first, which is always pleasing to look at.  

Download for iPhone  

Download for Android  


  • Feed Baby   

Feed baby is one of the best baby tracking apps for iPhone and Android users. A great baby day book tracker for your newborn child. The app guides you with infant feeding logs as well as sleeping and dipper schedules. With over one million downloads, baby nursing tracker has helped many mothers all over the world. Feed Baby also allows you to keep track of the Breast Pumps so that you know how much milk you have pumped. You can even journal your baby’s daily log and keep track of your child’s development.  

The app can be downloaded on multiple devices so both parents can keep an eye on the baby from afar. The newborn app has an option for documenting more than one baby’s information. The feature of exporting your data help in getting a full print report in which you can take it to the pediatrician. It also offers you to personalize alarms and notification according to your baby’s schedule.   

Download for iPhone   

Download for Android  

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  • Baby Daybook  

The Baby Daybook by Drilly is a free baby tracking app with premium features available at a low price. Hundreds of parents use this baby tracker daily. The app is highly customizable and easy to use. It is a simple and intuitive breastfeeding app. The app allows you to track your child’s daily activities with ease.   

It is one of the best apps to track baby feeding and diapers, along with sleep time. You can also check the baby feeding and diaper log daily and compare different days and filter daily activities. With the reminder and notification option, you never miss a feeding or diaper change. Another feature which the app offers is to track your child’s growth; weight and height and compare the progress with WHO data. You can also synchronize the app with your partner and other caregivers so they can also keep track of the baby’s development.  

Multiple babies can be taken care of using the same app with the same account. You can change the colour of every child’s profile to differentiate and customize it. You can also export your baby’s log to a printable file format if you want to show the report to the pediatrician.   

Download for iPhone  

Download for Android  


  • Baby Connect   

Baby Connect is the best app for newborn care. It provides you with everything you need to keep a close check on, such as your child’s growth, development, and health. It tracks daily information about feeding, diaper, sleep, mood, activities, medicines, photos, and more.  

The baby tracker helps you in setting alarms for different chores like feeding, doctor’s appointments, or bath time. Syncing your phone with your partner and other caregivers allows them to check up on the kid. The layout of the app is easy to adapt for first time users. You can also compare data with the help of charts and graphs to check if your baby’s health is in good condition.   

The baby health tracker costs $4.99, and it is available on iOS and Android   

Download for iPhone  

Download for Android  

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  • Sprout Baby  

When it comes to baby feeding trackers Sprout baby is the one-stop for all the tracking logs. The app is loved by many all over the world. It is considered as the best newborn baby app for iOS by the TIME magazine. It helps you stay organized with health logs, doctor visit planner, and medication tracker. Besides being a nursing tracker, it also helps you in journaling your baby’s firsts. Furthermore, it tracks feedings, pumping, sleep, and diapers with charts to identify patterns and trends. The milestone section of the app lets you capture your toddles most significant moments.  

Some of the fantastic and unique features of the app offers for the premium users ($4.99) are following.  

The app doesn’t require any log in information. Download the app, and you are good to go. There is an option to generate Doctor Report on-demand with child’s health data for Sick Visits, Well Visits, Growth, and Developmental Milestones to aid in your child’s care with your pediatrician. The app also has the Health tracker, which records and organizes your baby’s symptoms, temperature, medications, illnesses, and health events in one place.  

Download for iPhone  


  • Baby Care  

Baby Care is a baby tracking app by Breet.JiaMedical, which is one of the best baby tracker app for Android. The app is free of cost and offers numerous features.   

The baby log tracking app records infant feeding, sleeping, diaper, growth so you can compare your child’s development from previous months or days. It can be customized according to your taste by changing the icons and personalizing it. The baby tracker also helps in tracking multiple babies. It is the best baby feeding tracker app if you have twins or if you work as a baby sitter. The sync option allows you to share the data with your partner and caregivers.  

Download for Android  

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  • Baby Feeding Log  

The Baby Feeding Log by Aron Beaver is designed to be the easiest breastfeeding and baby nursing tracker for feedings, sleep, and diaper changes. It provides the feature to check what last time your baby’s feed and on which side. It is a modern yet minimalist app, good you those who like to keep things straightforward.  

The baby schedule app offers a nursing tracker with a timer to help you keep track of your child’s food intake. This feature is for breastfeeding as well as formula milk. The data export option allows you to print the report and discuss it with the pediatrician. You also always enter and edit the data which you forgot to mention before. You can also view the summary of your child’s development at the end of the day.  

Download for iPhone  


  • Newborn Baby Breastfeeding Tracker  

The Nursing app is a reliable assistant on which you can depend upon on the first year of motherhood. The feeding tracker will allow you to track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, reliable food feeding, and milk pumping. You can also record diaper changing, sleeping periods, and the results of your baby’s height and weight.  

The app reminders will notify you of the care schedule of the child so that you can pre plan your day and save your time. Just click on the concerned buttons at the beginning of all the activities that you wish to record. The history will be saved for future use. You can also print out the summary in the form of a PDF to consult with the doctor.  

Download for Android  


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  • MyMedela  

MyMedela is more than an app. It is your breastfeeding partner! Designed by the world’s leading breast pump manufacturer, the MyMedela app support breastfeeding as well as a personalized content, activity tracker, pumping tips, and interactive checklists. Currently, the app is only available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the USA  

This baby food tracker monitors your breastfeeding and pumping schedule. It also tracks your baby’s growth and development, precisely, height and weight, sleep, and diaper changes. You also have access to information all the time; find answers to common breastfeeding and breast pump questions. Besides this, you also have access to customizable checklists that support you from the hospital to home, and even back to work. Furthermore, you gain breastfeeding confidence with the help of the clinically-developed Breastfeeding Confidence Assessment survey, which the baby nursing app offers.  

Download for iPhone  

Download for Android  

  •  Baby Bundle App   

Memorial’s Baby Bundle app offers anytime, anywhere parent education powered by YoMingo. It is an educational program that provides you with tools and supports you will need at every stage. The baby tracker is supported by iOS.   

This nursing tracker will give you access to evidence-based information on personal care, breastfeeding, and newborn care, including lots of videos. It will also provide you with a list of classes and support groups. The feeding app will keep track of your baby’s daily nursing log. It also allows you to track more than one baby. The premium version of the Baby Bundle app will enable you to use several other features at low loss.   

Download for iPhone  

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