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How To Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy: Prevention Tips

How To Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy: Prevention & Removal Tips

Do you want to know how to avoid or prevent stretch marks during pregnancy?

Stretch marks during pregnancy

It is hard to believe that not that long ago, we had to find other ways to find information on preventing or eliminating stretch marks. And if you’re pregnant and have problems with stretch marks than the internet is precisely the place you want to be. Pregnancy can be an exciting time for every woman, especially for first-time moms. But it’s as well a challenging time!

Although you’re excited and pleased to become a mom you also have to deal with headaches, strange food preferences, nausea, and the awful appearance of stretch marks not only on your stomach but as well on your breasts, buttocks, thighs and also in your arms.

At this point, you may be asking what causes stretch marks?

Well, during pregnancy, the skin elongates, particularly on your belly. As you gain some pounds in the later phase of pregnancy and your stomach is over-stretched, the skin extends to adapt to the modifications. If the skin isn’t lubricated correctly, scarring may happen, resulting in the marks and lines you see.

When you get pregnant, and the skin on your hips and belly stretch quickly to embrace your baby, frequently the lower levels of skin do not have plenty elasticity to elongate without breaking. The connective tissues, in reality, break up. And those minor tears became scars in the form of stretch marks.

Not all women go through this problem. A few are lucky enough to have skin that has enough elasticity to manage the stretching without cracking.

But unfortunately, up to 90% of all women experience stretch marks during pregnancy, typically coming out in the final half of pregnancy as shiny red lines. It’s very common the appearance of stretch marks on breasts and your belly.

Preventing stretch marks is the most effective strategy to guarantee you will not get these ugly lines.

So now, I’m sure you’re asking how you can prevent or eliminate stretch marks?

Can I prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with home remedies or the only option is a laser stretch mark removal treatment?

You can embark on a skin-friendly lifestyle before you become pregnant. But even if you are already pregnant, it isn’t too late to begin. You can do various efficient things to take care of your skin, increasing its elasticity, and ensuring healthy skin.

6 Simple Tips In To Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Here are some tips on how to remove stretch marks:

  • Skin Hydration

Hydration is essential for your well-being and overall health, but it’s vital to healthy skin. Particularly during pregnancy, skin can become abnormally dry, itchy, and easily irritated. This happens because the skin is elongating. So, you’ll need to rehydrate your skin cells by drinking lots of water. Do not drink beverages with high sugar content as they can contribute to the appearance of cellulite, but you’ve got the green light to pleasure yourself with herbal tea, vegetable juice, and fruit juice, as well as pure, clean water. Water regenerates your skin and assists with preventing stretch marks.

  • Exercise

Another manner to prevent stretch marks while you’re pregnant is to exercise. Working out will maintain your muscles firm, and consequently, your skin remains firm as well. Firm skin elongates naturally, without breaking up, keeping it rid of stretch marks.

Here are some simple exercises that help you avoiding stretch marks:

  • For hips, thigh and buttock you should do leg lifts.
  • Slow Push-ups are effective to prevent stretch marks in the breast and arms.
  • Walking is terrific for your whole body. It maintains your legs, arms and cardiovascular system working properly.


  • Keep your skin moisturized

A good moisturizer will maintain your skin with the proper elasticity. It’s essential to moisturize your skin at least two times per day, especially where it tends to stretch, such as on the hips and belly. This is crucial before, during, and after giving birth and during the recovery from pregnancy weight, but is most vital when your stomach is quickly enlarging. Moisturizing creams, oils, and lotions formulated with vitamins and enzymes to help your body develop elastin and collagen are the most effective. And these products as well help hydrate the skin.

Stretch Marks Prevention Cream

TriLASTIN-SR Maximum Strength Stretch Mark Cream

Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention

There are many stretch marks prevention creams and home remedies for stretch marks, but the most effective, the one that gets exclusive 5-star rating is the TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention. It’s beneficial, delivers quick results, is formulated with safe ingredients, and has a reasonable price. TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Prevention cream is formulated with 15 natural, botanical oils and extracts that nourish, hydrate and protect to maximize skin strength and elasticity.


  • BeauPlex VH
  • Hydromanil H.GL
  • D-Stria
  • Chlorella Vulgaris Extract
  • Elastin
  • Collagen
  • Zea Mays (Corn) Kernel Extract
stretch mark treatment cream strivectin

How should this product be used:

  • Use it throughout the entire pregnancy
  • Apply body cream immediately following a bath or shower (we recommend using TriLASTIN Maternity Hydrating Body Wash)
  • Gently massage into the skin
  • Apply it in the morning and evening
  • It isn’t intended for use on the face

Right Nutrition

The proper nutrition, replete with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, can help prevent stretch marks by providing your skin what it needs to strengthen the elastic fibres. Foods rich in Vitamins E, C, B2, and B3 as well as silica and zinc-all help your body create the collagen it requires to be healthy. Additionally, Vitamin C facilitates the reconstruction of connective tissues, and Vitamin E helps prevent scarring and stretch marks.

Control your weight

Whether you’re pregnant or not, it’s always beneficial to maintain your weight in check, as sudden weight variation (gain or loss) is one of the leading causes for stretch marks during pregnancy.

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