False Positive Pregnancy Test Reasons

Reasons For False Positive Pregnancy Test

Reasons For False Positive Pregnancy Test

A home pregnancy test works by detecting the presence of the HCG hormone, which is produced during pregnancy by the placenta. Detection of the hormone can be done by getting blood or urine sample. A pregnancy test looks at the level of HCG present to determine if a woman is pregnant or not. We will discuss in details False Positive Pregnancy Test Reasons And False Negative Pregnancy Test Reasons.

False Positive Pregnancy Test:

You may get positive results in a pregnancy test but in reality, you may not pregnant. This is called a false-positive test. Below are reasons causes, medications which are responsible for false results.

Ecotopic Pregnancy:

implantation of a fertilized egg or embryo its self rather than the cavity of the uterus. This abnormality is known as ectopic pregnancy.

The cervix, ovary and abdominal cavity are where an Ectopic pregnancy can occurs.

Common symptoms of Ecotopic Pregnancy

· Nausea
· Vomiting
· Soreness in the breasts
· A small quantity of more ratio of bleeding
· Faintness or blurry vision
· Heaviness of rectum

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Recent Miscarriage or Abortion:

The other cause of false pregnancy test is recent miscarriage or abortion.Its a fact that within pregnancy HCG quantity is increased. In the case of a miscarriage, all tissue that relates to pregnancy is not removed or eliminated. Few pregnancy related tissues remain in the body. Due to the presence of these tissue HCG level is still high giving a chance of incorrect results.

User error:

You must aware of the proper procedure of checking the pregnancy test also check the date of expiration. Most of the women check pregnancy in the early days of the pregnancy cycle and get the false pregnancy test. So you must aware of the rules and regulations of the pregnancy test. Must check it when the urine is concentrated and morning time is best for checking.If you are unaware of precautions for checking pregnancy test then you suffering from a false positive test.

Which Medication can cause a false positive pregnancy test?

Women may find themselves using various fertility medications when trying to become pregnant. The medicated brands included Pregnyl, Ovidrel & profasi. Under the effect of these medications more HCG hormone may be released than usual causing a false positive pregnancy test result.

Can A UTI Cause A False Positive Test?

Yes, A UTI can impact the results of a pregnancy test. A UTI infection may cause dilution of other chemicals in the urine, due to this detecting HCG in the urine becomes more  difficult and can resul in a false positive pregnancy test.

Causes Of A False Negative Pregnancy Test:

Early Testing

Most women take the test in the early days and suffer from a false negative pregnancy test. The uterus is releasing the HCG hormone after ovulation. The whole process takes approximately 6 to 10 days . After that uterus release the hormone in urine. If an individual tests before this time period a false negative may be shown.

Low In Test Sensitivity Level 

There are lots of sizes and shapes are available in-home pregnancy tests. Like test streams, digital testing, etc. Some of HPTs are too sensitive for and detect the low quantity of HCG.

Diluted Urine

Women who drink more than the required amount, may not have as much HCG in their urine leading to it not being detected and therefore showing a flase negative. the solution to this is to reduce water intake temporarily and retest or wait a few days to take test again.

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