How To Shorten Your Period – Very Effective Natural Ways

How To Shorten Your Period – Very Effective Natural Ways

Can periods be shortened?

A woman goes through her menstrual cycle every month. While many women have regular cycles and they can predict their periods, many women who do not have a regular cycle and cannot plan for any event. This situation can be very risky and troublesome for many women. Because periods can be like one of those uninvited guests who show up at the last or at the wrong moment to destroy your plans. And if this happens, your important events may come and go and you might not able to enjoy them or attend them. This is the reason many women lookout for ways to reduce the time of their periods or try to skip their cycle. And here the question arises; whether or not is it safe to shorten the number of days of a period and if it is related to any health risk.

Scientifically, there is no relation of shortening the number of days of your period and your overall health. Some measures can be taken long term but we also need to look if they have side effects which may cause health concerns. But first, let us look at some effective ways of reducing or stopping your periods earlier.

Does birth control make your period shorter? 

One of the most popular and convenient ways to control your periods is to use birth control hormonal pills. It is known for regulating and reducing your periods after a few months of using it. Because you can guess when your periods may come next, you can try and skip your periods. In the window time where you stop taking the pills and get your periods, you may continue taking those pills to avoid getting your periods. And stop when you would want to get your periods. This, of course, requires you to speak with your doctor and see how things will unfold.


Exercise is very good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to reduce the number of days of your periods. If you do strenuous exercise while you are on your periods, then just like any other muscle in the body, your uterus will also contract and this will lead to an increased flow of the blood out of the body and it will automatically reduce the number of days of your period. Though there is not much evidence about this, but exercises can bring you no harm unless you have a very low BMI and getting some exercise may further drop it, in this case, you will have to get a proper exercise plan scheduled for yourself, or else the low BMI can severely hamper your menstrual cycle.

Having sex:

Although there is no proven relation of periods and having sex, but sex and orgasms are proven to cause contractions of the muscles of the uterus. And we know what happens when uterus contracts; it tries to expel out its content. So, sex or orgasm might help increase your blood flow and subsequently the number of your period days just like how exercise works for you.

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Good diet and supplements:

The vitamin B series may also help reduce you the duration of your periods. The trick behind this is that Vitamin B6 helps reduce your estrogen levels, while, increasing your progesterone levels, that subsequently reduce the period days. You can also add magnesium to your Vitamin B6 supplements to further reduce the menstrual symptoms and feel much better. Similarly, zinc has also proven to act as a natural NSAID like Ibuprofen. And as we know Ibuprofen inhibits the prostaglandin level, hence, reduced the contraction of the uterus. Likewise, zinc also helps in reducing your period symptoms, like pain and cramps.

Stay hydrated:

Maintaining your hydration is key. You need to take at least 8 to 10 glasses a day to fulfil your water intake needs. Why you are well hydrated, not only will your health improve as a whole, but hydration will also reduce your bloating during periods and this will make you feel much relaxed and calm in this time. Your period blood would also not clamp and get thick; hence, you will be done with your periods earlier, too.

Try herbal remedies:

A woman who tries herbal remedies feels much better than the women who do not. The use of these remedies is not definite when it comes to effective results, but since there are no side effects, one may give these remedies a try to see how they feel about it.

o   Ginger. It is a known anti-inflammatory; therefore, it will help in improving your period symptoms and may also reduce the number of days of your periods.

o   Myrtle syrup. It is best for shortening your period duration as it is a proven remedy for marvelous health benefits.

o   Fennel. It can increase your menstrual blood flow because it is an analgesic agent. And since the blood is flowing out of your symptom way quicker, your period duration will also reduce.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Shorten Period. These can bring wonders in your life. Raspberry leaves definitely work in managing your heavy periods.

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Maintain a healthy weight:

Women with high or low BMI struggle with their period regularity. Fluctuating weight means fluctuating periods, maybe your periods would be lighter or heavier than normal. This is because an unhealthy BMI can severely disturb your hormones, especially in women who have a high BMI. The fatter cells you have in your body the heavier your periods will be because fats cells tend to produce estrogen which works in giving you much heavier periods. Such women may also experience more inconsistent and painful periods. If you try maintaining your weight, our reproductive will also drastically enhance your menstrual cycle with regular cycles with just the right number of days.


Avoid using tampons:

Tampons are preferred by many women because of the ease of using it. Though tampons work great for sanitary uses, it has its downside. Tampons tend to hinder the natural flow of period blood because as gravity is working to get the blood out of the uterus, tampons make the blood thicker which can cause a vaginal block of blood. Hence, you need to switch to sanitary pads to allow your blood to flow in its natural state. And if you are already using sanitary pads, then your periods end earlier than the woman who uses tampons thanks to the easy flow of blood.


Period cups:

These silicone cups are the gamechanger of this era. Not only are they easy to use it also saves the environment from excessive wastage from pads and tampons. Once you insert the cup it will collect the blood and aid in reducing the duration of your periods as it does not thicken or block the flow of your blood which is why you get done with your periods earlier.


Spices do work:

In many cases, spices are not recommended, but if you like eating spices then there may be a benefit for you. Spices increase the blood flow by making it thinner in consistency and aids in the easier flow of the blood, so you get done with your periods earlier.

Does Ibuprofen make your period shorter?

One of the most effective ways of reducing the duration of your periods is to take at least 500 to 800 mg of Ibuprofen to show its results. Ibuprofen is an NSAID that works by inhibiting the production of prostaglandins that cause the uterus to contract, with no prostaglandins available to help the uterus contract, lesser blood will flow out, hence, fewer days in your periods.




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